As I wrote about here, my family is taking a no spending challenge for June. It is a challenge!!! Here is what we have spent in the first six days (I know, right now it looks like the spending challenge):

10.29 Tony’s Finer Foods (groceries)

3.21 Starbuck’s hot cocoa
15.00 son’s bike for birthday
10.30 CVS (milk & diapers)


$9.61 Jewel (groceries)

$29.33 gas
$5.69 ice cream
$35.33 Target (27.33 groceries & 8.00 training wheels)

$18.00 strawberries
$44.51 gas
4.19 snacks

Amount Left for the Month–314.54

Although we have spent nearly 40% of our money for the month, I would consider these first 6 days a success.

My husband really wanted to get my son a bike for his upcoming birthday. He looked at Target and priced them at $60–something we couldn’t afford this month. So I looked on Craig’s list and found a Power Rangers bike for $15.00. The people selling it only lived 5 minutes from our house. That was a $45.00 savings. We bought training wheels for him for $8 at Target, but I am planning on returning them if I can borrow some from my cousin.

Also, we drove 3 hours to visit my mom this weekend. Usually I buy a magazine to read on the drive (I tend to be a backseat driver in the city. The ride is smoother if I am distracted.) I really couldn’t justify buying a magazine, so instead of reading, I bought my stack of coupons and clipped all of them during the ride. (Yes, I did feel a bit like a coupon geek.)

When we are at my mom’s, we tend to eat out alot, but instead we brought leftovers from home to have for Friday’s dinner and cooked Saturday afternoon and night. We are definitely becoming more conscious of our spending.

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