For this challenge, I specifically did not stock up on necessities before the month began because I wanted this month to be the same as any other month. It just so happened that we ran out of a lot of thing this month. That has been a challenge, as has my son’s birthday, his school birthday lunch and the two potluck parties we attended within 1 week of each other.

6/13—$55.00 Tony’s Finer Foods (groceries & son’s party food), 5.84 Jewel (groceries), 7.49 (6 pack of beer for husband), 12.46 recharged long distance phone card
6/14—10.40 CVS (groceries), 12.73 Target (groceries)
6/16—30.13 Jewel (groceries)
6/17—14.06 Whole Foods (groceries)
6/18—13.71 Dominick’s (groceries)
3rd 6 Days = 161.82
Total for 18 days = 465.00

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