Toward the end of the second six days, this challenge started getting very difficult. Our cats just so happened to run out of their cat litter, soft cat food and hard cat food at the same time, hence the $30+ dollars spent at Target. I am out of some pantry staples like cooking spray, apple cider vinegar, cocoa, black pepper, and others. I don’t know if I will have the money to replace them this month.

My son’s birthday is coming up, and it is common at his preschool for the birthday child to serve a special lunch to all the kids (30+). We picked the cheapest choice, hot dogs, but the hot dogs have to be all beef and we need to supply 60, plus buns and a fruit. Yikes! In addition, I wanted to make him cupcakes to take.

I am starting to think that doing this challenge in June, when there is my son’s birthday, Father’s Day, and two out of town trips planned was not one of my brightest moves. But really, when is it ever a good month?

In April, we had $965 set aside for all of the categories we are covering this month with $500. It is going to be painful and challenging. But, if I want to be a stay-at-home mom and live off my husband’s salary, we will take a significant pay cut (about 1/3 less in income). Most of the time we will probably struggle as we are this month. It is good to find out if we can do it now, while I still have my job.

6/7—1.73 snacks, 39.63 Tony’s Finer Foods (groceries), 12.26 CVS (diapers and others)
6/8—3.04 CVS (diapers), 10.22 Jewel
6/9—34.35 Target (groceries—all for cats!), $6.27 Dominick’s (groceries)
6/10—10.22 Whole Foods (groceries for baby)
2nd 6 days = 117.72

Total for 12 days = 303.18
40% of challenge completed, 60% of money spent

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