We have an expensive September with LOTS of expenses.  Quite frankly, more expenses than we have money for.  I am going to have to hustle AND hold on to the coin I already have.

First, the hustle.

Craigslist–We have money in our basement in the form of unwanted “stuff” and I need to convert that stuff to cash ASAP.  I’ll be spending some time listing that stuff on Craigslist.

Extra Jobs–I am busy right now, busier than I like, but I really have no choice right now than to amp up my workload.  This phase of expenses will pass, and then I can relax my workload a bit.

Next, the retaining coin.

No Spend Week–We are all set here.  The car has a little under 1/2 tank of gas, the refrigerator is a bit empty, but there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the freezer is stuffed.  We won’t starve if we don’t spend any money on groceries or gas this week.  We have what we need.  So, the goal is to spend no more than $25 this week, ideally even less than that.

Cutting expenses–It is time to be ruthless with the budget.  Time to analyze line items and see where I can reduce or eliminate.

I will report back next Saturday and let you know how I did.

Meanwhile, can you share with me your favorite methods of generating cash fast?  (Legally, of course.  :))


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