We pledged to take a no spend challenge for two weeks.  The goal is only to spend $200 or less.  A bit of a snare in our plans was that we started right after we came home from Washington D.C., so we had no fresh fruit and veggies in the house, and we go through both quite quickly.  Here is the run down for the first seven days:

9/27–$63.50  ($59 fruit and veggie delivery, $4.50 husband’s public transportation)

9/28–$4.50 (public transportation)

9/29–$4.50 (public transporation)

9/30–$16.50 ($4.50 public transporation, $12 in overdue library fees oops!!)

10/1–$11 (lunch out while attending the conference)

10/2–$8.62 (buying more fruit)

10/3–$4.50 (public transporation)

TOTAL:  $113.12

We have seven more days to go in the challenge.  I think it will be tight but doable.  We have to buy more fruits and veggies this week in addition to oatmeal.  Then there is my husband’s transporation costs.  Other than that, we should have nothing else to buy.

If you are taking the no spend challenge, how are you doing?  I would love to hear your progress.

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