I haven’t written down our financial goals since before the baby was born, so I decided it is about time to do it again. I will post a progress report every month.

I am on a paid leave of absence right now, which has truly been a blessing. However, that will end in January when I move to unpaid leave of absence. After that I will have seven more months off before I have to return to work (which I don’t want) or turn in my resignation. In light of that, we are making the following financial goals:

Save 8 months of living expenses. This is a VERY ambitious goal, but I am setting it because I find when you put it down on paper it is more likely to happen.

Write a budget and stick to it. Do not go over.

Strategically use coupons to pay no more than $300 a month on groceries.

Have two no spending months. (During these months we commit to spending no more than $500 for the month on gas, groceries, going out, misc., laundry, etc.)

Spend less than $200 on Christmas gifts.

Have a pantry challenge for one month.

Earn $1000 from selling items from the Declutter Challenge on eBay.

Save all of our change every month and put in a new car fund.

Research places I can potentially publish articles and try to get some published.

If I have to go back to work, nearly my entire salary would go to paying daycare for my two little ones and private school for my son. I really don’t want to do that. If we can do all of this, we should be in a strong enough position that I can quit my job.

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