Our family has long loved National Geographic.  For years we subscribed to the magazine, and Bookworm devoured National Geographic books as he prepared for and participated in the National Geographic Bee several years in a row.  I was excited to review some new National Geographic books so the girls could come to enjoy National Geographic, too.

We received four books for review:

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019

Oh, my, were the girls ever fascinated by this book!  We read at least a page every night before bed.  Full of colorful photos and fascinating (and sometimes just gross) facts, the girls love this!  The pages with adorable baby animals got their attention the most.

Explorer Academy: Nebula Secret

PB & J Girl has always been partial to science, so National Geographic’s new fiction series (based on adventures of real-life explorers) was right up her alley.  Cruz Coronado is a 12 year old living in Hawaii with his father when the book opens.  Cruz’s mother was a renowned researcher at the Explorer Academy before she died in a mysterious accident.  Cruz is admitted to and begins to attend the Academy himself, but he soon finds that someone is out to sabotage him. . .maybe even kill him.

This book was full of suspense and fascinating technological gadgets such as a bee drone that Cruz’s best friend makes for him.  The book targets ages 8 to 12, so at almost 10, PB & J Girl is the perfect age.  I did start reading this book to both girls, but Cuddle Bug, 8, who scares easily, didn’t want to hear anymore after someone was hiding in the halls of the Academy waiting to get Cruz.  She decided then that it was too scary, though PB & J Girl and I just found it suspenseful.

Lucky for us, the next book in the series, Explorer Academy: The Falcon’s Feather, is already out.

This will eventually be a seven book series that explores geography, STEM, history, exploration, and world cultures.  To enhance kids’ reading experience, there is also an interactive website that lets kids crack their own code and learn more about the real explorers the books are based on.

Finally, enter to win an 8 day cruise for 4 to Alaska’s Inside Passage!

Weird But True 10: 350 Outrageous Facts

PB  & J Girl is not a big reader, but when this book came, she read it every night for three nights until she finished, and she constantly told us weird facts from this book.  She loved it!  And with weird facts like a mosquito pees on you when it draws blood and the most common color of penguin poop is pink , what kid wouldn’t love this book?!

1,000 Ways to Be Creative: A Little Book of Everyday Inspiration


This book is filled with little facts, quotes, and most importantly, suggestions to spark creativity such as “carve a bar of soap into an object” to “paint a giant mural with a group of friends.”

I highly recommend these books as a great, enjoyable way to enrich your children’s knowledge and keep them entertained.

Disclosure:  I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

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