This post contains affiliate links.  I  had heard of Nate Saint before; I knew he was murdered while working as a missionary, but I didn’t know much more than that.  As part of our religious curriculum, we recently read Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer by Janet & Geoff Benge, and we found the story fast-paced and interesting.

Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer by Janet & Geoff Benge

About Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer

The book opens when Nate is seven years old and flying in a plane that his older brother is piloting.  Truly, Nate’s life revolved around airplanes from his earliest days.

Nate was a hard working, ambitious teen, but as a young adult, his dream of being a military pilot is dashed.  Still, he finds a new way to merge his love of flying, repairing planes, and sharing his Christian faith.

Throughout the book, his plane mechanic skills are constantly on display.  Nate’s work is what helped the missionaries in South America be able to do their job.  Nate and several other missionaries were the first to try to approach the Aucas, an isolated and violent tribe.  Unfortunately, the death of the men is what opens this tribe up to outsiders and other missionaries.

What I Thought About the Book

I found it interesting that Nate almost died three times before he actually died–first when he had a serious infection (before the age of antibiotics), second when he got lost on a hike and almost froze to death, and third when he was involved in a plane crash.  Even though he died at just 32 years old, his whole life seemed to be a blessing because he seemed to be living on borrowed time.

I also enjoyed reading about his enthusiasm for life and true enjoyment of what he did.  His dream was to be a pilot with the military, but when that dream was shattered, he didn’t become despondent.  Instead, he found new ways to do what he loved.

Lastly, I appreciate that when Nate and his fellow missionaries went into Auca territory, they knew the dangers.  They carried small pistols, but they all vowed not to use them if they were attacked because they wanted the Aucas to know that they came in peace.  When the missionaries were attacked, they never raised their weapons once.

I give Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer by Janet & Geoff Benge 5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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