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Confession time.  I have a bit of an addiction problem.

Of course, I don’t have any big addictions, but I have little ones that compromise the quality of my life like my obsession with Heavenly Organics Honey Patties (ahem), especially when I’m stressed.

Over the last month or so, I’ve been paying attention to my weekly goals list and all of the goals I set and don’t complete.  This is bothering me because I have about 10 Christmas presents I have to sew, and week after week, I don’t get those done, or a number of other tasks.

Why, why, why?

This weekend, I finally realized that I have an obsession/addiction with Netflix.  I don’t watch any TV during the day, but at night, my husband and I unwind by watching a show on Netflix.  That’s the plan, and that’s probably what HE would like to do, but I get addicted and it turns into a binge watch.  We usually watch at least two episodes of a show a night.

Not only is this a waste of time, but we go to bed too late and both of us are tired the next day.  Because I’m tired, I’m not productive after the kids go to bed, which is the main time I get my goals accomplished, along with the weekend.  It’s a bad cycle.

So, we’re currently finishing up a series that I think we’ll finish watching this week.  I told my husband I didn’t want to watch Netflix at night anymore until after Christmas so I can start accomplishing some tasks.  He happily agreed.

Because we still have one week of binge watching left (I can’t stop in the middle of a series!!) and because I’m going to be very busy with work and school, my goals will be lighter for this week.

This Week’s Goals

  • Write 3 crew review posts.
  • Make the last three freezer meals I have to make.
  • Write 6 posts for others.
  • Walk for 10 minutes a day at least 4 days this week.
  • Read The House of Sixty Fathers.  (Bookworm will be reading this in a few weeks, and I wanted to read it before him.)

And here’s how I did on the goals I set two weeks ago:

  • Put a third coat of yellow paint and an outline of gold paint on the peg dolls.
  • Add a coat of sealant to the peg dolls.  Completed!  I’m just waiting for the sealant to cure a bit more before I send them out.  Here’s a pic of my camel:  IMG_6287
  • Write 2 crew review posts.
  • Clean off our dresser in our bedroom.
  • Clean the corner of our room by the printer.
  • Move the clothes drying rack into our spare room and tidy up that room.
  • Set up our cash budget system.  (If the technique I’m going to try works well, I’ll write about it later.)
  • Cut out one Christmas present and start sewing it if I have time.
  • Finish sewing the one Christmas present that is half done.
  • Make freezer meals.
  • Read at least 100 pages of The Zookeeper’s Wife.  I didn’t get to finish this one, though, because it was due back and someone else had requested it, so I didn’t get to keep it.  Boo!
  • Walk for 10 minutes a day at least 4 days this week


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