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I mentioned last week that things were feeling a bit out of control around here.  Last week, I tried to address getting food on the table in a reasonable time with minimal effort.  🙂

This week, I’m going to focus on decluttering and a cleaning routine.  (More on that tomorrow.)  However, you’ll see that plan largely reflected in this week’s goals.

Also, I realized with panic that Christmas is just 6.5 weeks away and I still have many, many sewing projects to finish!

Here are our goals for this week:

This Week’s Goals

  • Finish sewing the two Christmas presents I have that are more than half done.
  • Spend 4 hours cleaning and decluttering to gather stuff for our upcoming garage sale.
  • Create an attendance sheet for our homeschool.
  • Create a blog schedule for the rest of the month.
  • Attend a meeting for the co-op we’re thinking of joining.
  • Decide if we’re going to join, what classes the kids will take, and if I’ll offer to teach a class.
  • Write two of my own blog posts.
  • Write out a list of topics for the posts I have to write for others this month.
  • Read the first 3 chapters of Homesick (another book Bookworm will be reading this week)

And here’s how I did on last week’s goals:

  • Write 4 crew review posts  I wrote 5.  Let me tell you, these last few weeks on the Crew have been wonderful, but tiring.  One quarter of the reviews I had this year came during the last few weeks.  I’m definitely going to enjoy a couple month break while the Crew is on hiatus.
  • Write 3 posts for others.  No.  Now that Crew reviews are done, I’m hoping I can do a few of these this week.
  • Create an attendance sheet for our homeschool.  This is such a simple task.  WHY is it not done yet?
  • Read Kite Fighters (another book Bookworm will be reading in a few weeks)
  • Observe a homeschool co-op to see if we want to join
  • Fully transition to the Apologia planner I tried out
  • Get Bookworm set up with his Apologia planner
  • Make a menu plan for two weeks.  I just made it for one week.
  • Make a plan for a small freezer cooking session for next week.  I decided to postpone this until later in the month since I still have some freezer meals left.
  • Exercise for 10 minutes a day 5 days this week. Total failure.  I did not exercise once this week!
  • Use Board Booster and spend one hour scheduling pins for Mom’s Plans.  No.
  • Use Board Booster and spend one hour scheduling pins for one of my clients.

Did you set any goals last week?  If so, did you accomplish them?

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