I posted some ambitious goals for 2013, and the only way I will be able to accomplish them is if I break them down week by week.  So, I will list what I plan to accomplish every week to meet my goals by the end of the year.

Last week I had a lot of goals, so I’m pleased with how many of them I got accomplished.

Last Week’s Goals:


  • List the remaining kids’ clothes on eBay and ship them out when they sell.–Done.  So far I have made about $200; I have sent out 13 packages and still have more to go when people pay.
  • Send the tax paperwork to the accountant by Tuesday.–Done.
  • Make at least $100 extra this week.–Done.  I made $50 in extra work, and I sold $200 on eBay.
  • Order my seeds for the garden.–Done.  (Now I just need to find last year’s seeds!)
  • Have my kids write thank you notes for their Christmas presents.–Done, finally!
  • Walk my son to school 4 days this week.–Done
  • Read at least 150 pages this week.–Done.  I actually read Gone Girl, which is over 400 pages.  I just couldn’t put it down!
  • Call a friend I have been meaning to call.–Done.
  • Finish potty training my daughter.–DONE!!  So happy we accomplished this one.  She has been in  underwear for 4 days now and hasn’t had an accident yet!
  • Do 5 lessons with each of my daughters on ABCmouse.comDone.  I love this program and will have a review of it up on Monday.
  • Write the posts for my blog for the week by next Sunday.–Done.  I can’t believe it, but I have every post written and scheduled in the queue for this week.
  • Write two articles for my new job.–Done.
  • Put up two new giveaways on the blog.–Done.  One went up today, and the other will go up later this week.


  • Write 10 or more articles for the different sites I write for.–I had a babysitter for fewer hours than usual this week, so this didn’t get done.  I’ll need to play catch up this week.
  • List the outgrown baby gear on Craigslist including baby gates and playpen.–Not yet.  I was too busy listing on eBay!
  • Begin buying toiletries on sale with coupons to save money.–I bought a paper for the coupons but haven’t bought any toiletries yet.
  • Write to 10 companies to tell them how much I like their products (and hopefully score free coupons)–Not yet.
  • Exercise at home at least twice this week–either yoga, tai chi or hip hop abs–Our tv died and we haven’t replaced it, so this couldn’t happen.
  • Fill out and send off the paperwork for an LLC.–Not yet.  We don’t have the money for this yet.

This Week’s Goals:

My goals this week are fairly simple.  Most importantly, we need to replace all 4 tires on our vehicle to the tune of $550 to $600.  We have generated $200 by selling our stuff on eBay.  Now, I need to find a way to make the other $400.  We would like to replace the tires this upcoming weekend, so this is going to take priority.


  • List outgrown baby items on Craigslist as well as tools and other unused items we have.
  • Separate out items for an upcoming consignment sale and for our garage sale this summer.
  • Make $300 to $400 this week.


  • Walk my son to school 3 times this week.


  • Have my blog posts written a week in advance by Sunday.
  • Write 10 posts for the other places I write for.
  • Clean out at least 1,000 messages from my e-mail box.  Yes, it is that bad!

I’ll update these every Sunday and post the new goals in the same post.  What goals are on your list this week?

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