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My mom will be coming for an extended visit in less than a week.  In that time, I have to finish two presents for her and dejunk her room.  (Her room has become our default storage/catch all room.)

It will be a busy week!

Here are my goals for this week:

This Week’s Goals

  • Declutter my mom’s room.
  • Finish two presents for my mom.
  • Finish one present for Bookworm.
  • Cut out one present for one of the girls.
  • Read The Cat Who Went to Heaven (Bookworm will be reading this in a few weeks.)
  • Send out my Christmas cards.
  • List some of the kids’ clothes on eBay
  • Write 3 to 4 posts for my blog.
  • Write two blog posts for others.

And here’s how I did on last week’s goals:

  • Finish sewing the two Christmas presents I have that are more than half done.
  • Cut out and begin to sew one Christmas present that isn’t started yet.  I completed the whole thing with the kids’ help!
  • Put up the Christmas decorations with the kids.
  • Create an attendance sheet for our homeschool.
  • Make a schedule for our Advent learning/fun.
  • Make a rough lesson plan and materials fee list for a class I’m going to teach at the co-op next semester.
  • Write nine blog posts for others.
  • Write two of my own blog posts.
  • Read three chapters of Born in the Year of Courage (a book Bookworm will be reading in a few weeks)

Are you setting goals this time of year, or are you just on survival mode now?

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