This post contains affiliate links. The end of the month caught me off guard again!  Every month, the end of the month is my busiest time for my freelance work, and I don’t accomplish as many goals as I would like because I’m too busy.  Some months, I remember the end of the month and make my goals lighter for that week.  Other months, like this month, I forget and schedule too many goals to accomplish.  How silly does it sound to say the end of the month snuck up on me?!

Here are my goals for 2021: Week 43 of 52:

My 2020 Weight Loss Results
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What I Accomplished This Week

Walk an average of 32 minutes a day for five days this week.

No.  I walked four days for an average of 31.5 minutes each day on the treadmill.  For the entire week, I got in 126 minutes of walking.

Watch an hour long SEO webinar.

No.  I watched about 15 minutes and found it was just general SEO updates rather than specific strategy to help me with SEO.

Brainstorm 10 topics for Mom’s Plans’ posts.

No.  I brainstormed about five.

Go to bed by 9:30 every night.

No or yes?  I have had the lights out by 9:30.  However, even though I normally fall asleep immediately, this week, for several nights, I laid in bed an additional 30 or so minutes before I fell asleep.

Inventory and organize the deep freezers.

No.  This needs to be done, but it didn’t happen this week.

Begin generating gift ideas and maybe even buy a few Christmas gifts.

No.  Not this week.

Find two slow cooker meals to make this week.

No.  I only made one.

Update two blog posts for SEO.


Goals for This Week

I do most of my blog and freelance work on the weekends, but for November, my husband has work events for three of the weekends.  Yikes!  That means I’ll have less time for goals and will need to be super focused.

  • Walk 1.5 to 2 miles a day for five days this week.
  • Do one lesson in my Pinterest course.
  • Brainstorm a list of 5 more topics to write about for Mom’s Plans.  (If you have any topics you’re interested in me covering, let me know!)
  • Inventory & organize the deep freezers.
  • Begin generating ideas for Christmas presents & perhaps buy a few gifts
  • Update two blog posts for SEO.
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