This post contains affiliate links.  Disclaimer: I’m not offering health advice; I’m simply sharing my step-by-step plan to get rid of SIBO in hopes of holding myself accountable and sharing my journey.  If you have SIBO, find a qualified health professional to help you form a treatment plan.

I *think* I’ve struggled with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) for years now.  A few years ago, the naturopath put me on some natural antibiotics and a low fodmap diet.  When I finished, I didn’t feel much better.  Because of my food intolerances and the already restrictive nature of the low fodmap diet, I felt there were few foods I could eat.  I was so glad to go off the diet.

This summer, I took a SIBO breath test and discovered that I have hydrogen-dominate SIBO.  Since then, I’ve researched SIBO a lot, and now I have a good idea what I do that may have lead to me developing SIBO:

  • eating too many sugary treats,
  • eating frequent snacks throughout the day,
  • being stressed,
  • not sleeping enough
  • not exercising enough

So, I am following this step-by-step plan to get rid of SIBO.  When I’m done, I’ll take the SIBO breath test again.

Picture of Swiss chard
Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash
  1. Give up ALL sugar (This is going to be challenging for me because right now my sweet tooth is out of control).
  2. Follow a low fodmap, low lectin (This diet is EXTREMELY restrictive–meats, eggs, greens, carrots, sweet potatoes and basmati rice.  I’ll follow as long as I can then gradually add foods back in.)
  3. Only eat three meals a day, each 5 to 6 hours apart.  I’ll have a 12-hour meal window, and a 12-hour fast window.  (I’m a frequent snacker, so I may need to work up to this and start with four meals, 4 hours apart.)
  4. Track foods to determine which ones cause fermentation in the gut.
  5. Take a magnesium supplement at night
  6. Take a motility activator at night.
  7. Avoid the foods that cause fermentation and continue to monitor new foods that cause problems.
  8. Take digestive enzymes before meals
  9. Reduce inflammation by taking Spore Probiotic IgG
  10. Take one herbal antibiotic pill after each meal.

I will continue using all of these steps for four to six weeks, and then retest for SIBO.

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