My husband and I have been married for going on 10 years, and in that time, we have never lived in an apartment with a dishwasher. This was okay, until we had a child, and then another child. . .

And now, I find myself washing dishes and filling up the dishdrainer 3 times a day. The monotony! The tedium!! So, yesterday, we went shopping for a dishwasher, and we found a floor model on sale. The regular price was $639, but it was on sale for $449. We used part of our tax refund to buy it.

Dragging it up two flights of stairs was, well, probably amusing to watch, but once we got it up there, I loaded it within an hour and ran our first load. Ahhh, the bliss. This morning I emptied it and started to put in the new dirty dishes. Ahhh, more bliss.

I am sure doing dishes with a dishwasher won’t always be this fun, but right now I am enjoying my not-so-frugal purchase.