(picture is of freezer burritos)

Back in July, I set a goal for myself to freeze 15 to 30 meals for when I return to work. However, I far exceeded that goal and now have 41 meals in the freezer. I probably would have made a few more, but I ran out of freezer room. I will be busiest at work in September and October, so I anticipate we will eat the majority of the meals during those two months.

Here is what I made and the quantities:

Santa Fe Chicken (1)
Taco Mix (1)
Veggie Soup (2)
Sloppy Joe Mix (1)
Robin Miller’s Beefy Lasagna (4)
Meatballs (1)
Stuffed Manicotti (3)
Weight Watchers Meatloaf (2)
Anita’s Slow Cooker Chili (1)
Beans & Rice (1)
Hearty Veggie Soup with Barley (1)
Hamburger Soup (2)
Quiche in a Bag (2)
Pork Fried Rice (3)
Kielbasa Sausage Bean Soup (3)
Sausage Gumbo (2)
Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup (3)
Salsa Dump Chicken (2)
Chicken & Cheese Rice Bake (2)
Chicken & Barley Soup (2)
Rustic Tuscan Bean Soup (2)

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