This post contains affiliate links.  I thought that once we started receiving our CSA, our grocery totals would drop, but I think I had unrealistic expectations. We’ve gotten our CSA for five weeks, and there’s been very little variety. So far, each week we’ve gotten kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, bok choy, and radishes. We use those items, but I still have to shop for more veggies and fruit. Here’s our grocery shopping total for June 2024:

milk, yogurt, eggs, tofu, bananas,and tomatoes

How Much Did We Spend?

For the month of June, we spent $1,676.76! Yikes!. Here are the details:

That amount is broken down into the following categories:

  • ButcherBox (meat delivery): $328.70
  • monthly groceries: $1348.06

How Much Have We Spent in 2024:

  • In June, we spent $1676.76
  • In May, we spent $842.20
  • In April, we spent $939.30
  • In March, we spent $2,425.03
  • In February, we spent $1,010.85
  • In January, we spent $1,212.12

For the year so far, we’ve spent $8,106.06, or an average of $1,351.04 a month. My goal for 2024 is $1,175 a month, so we’re overbudget.

In June I got a bit sloppy with the budget. We found some convenience lunch meals at Trader Joe’s that the girls love, and I’ve bought four of those each week. True, they’re not breaking the bank, but they’re $4 to $5 each, so it adds up over a month. Plus, we’ve been relying on Larabars, Rx Bars, and Nick’s Sticks as snacks, and those add up quickly.

I need to get back to meal prepping and making snacks to reduce these costs.

Steps We’ve Taken to Reduce Our Grocery Bill

I have given up many of my cost-cutting strategies in the hopes of saving time, but I do still continue to do the following:

Make Homemade Yogurt

Homemade yogurt in quart jars

I’ve rocked the goal of making homemade yogurt for my husband. I used to spend about $24 to $26 a month on his yogurt. Now, I’m spending $8 a month. Plus, in February, I used the starter I needed from the tub of yogurt I bought and froze the rest in cubes, so I won’t need to buy starter for a while. That means next month, our cost for yogurt will be about $5. Sweet!

My adventures in bread making have been a different story!

Learn to Make Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

A flat loaf of gluten-free sourdough bread

I gave up!

Meal Prep


10 meal prep containers frull of meals

I’ll be honest: meal prepping has gone out the window because, ironically, I don’t have time to meal prep, which would save me time. I need to make this a priority.

Final Thoughts

We’re halfway through the year. If I want to meet my goal, our budget is $14,100 for the year. That means I have $5,993.94 left for the year! I’ve already spent 57.5% of our yearly budget. For the next six months, I can only spend $998.99 a month!

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