This post contains affiliate links.  In April I was able to reduce my grocery budget from March’s abysmal high. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I forgot that I had some bars–Lara bars, Nugo bars, and RxBars on auto ship. Those came in April and added more to my grocery total than I would have preferred. Here’s the damage:

milk, yogurt, eggs, tofu, bananas,and tomatoes

How Much Did We Spend?

For the month of April we spent $939.30. One of our splurges was a Green Chef box. We were so tired of our normal food, and I find a Green Chef box is a great way to get out of a food rut. Here are the details:

That amount is broken down into the following categories:

  • Green Chef box: $129.89
  • Various bars on Amazon autoship: $109.95!!!!!
  • monthly groceries: $699.46

How Much Have We Spent in 2024:

  • In April, we spent $939.30
  • In March, we spent $2,425.03
  • In February, we spent $1,010.85
  • In January, we spent $1,212.12

For the year so far, we’ve spent $5,587.30, or an average of $1,396.82 a month. My goal for 2024 is $1,175 a month, so we’re overbudget, but I’m done paying for the CSA. We’ve already started getting a small amount of produce from our garden (greens so far), and hopefully we’ll get a lot more in 4 to 6 weeks, and then the CSA will begin in late May or early June. The plan is for our expenses to drop dramatically then.

Steps We’ve Taken to Reduce Our Grocery Bill

When I set our grocery spending goals for 2024, we decided I would do some activities to reduce our costs.  My two big goals for the year were learning how to make yogurt (again because I used to make it years ago) and homemade gluten free sourdough bread. Here’s what’s happened on that front:

Make Homemade Yogurt

Homemade yogurt in quart jars

I’ve rocked the goal of making homemade yogurt for my husband. I used to spend about $24 to $26 a month for his yogurt. Now, I’m spending $8 a month. Plus, in February I used the starter I needed from the tub of yogurt I bought and froze the rest in cubes, so I won’t need to buy starter for awhile. That means next month our cost for yogurt for the month will be about $5. Sweet!

My adventures in bread making have been a different story!

Learn to Make Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

A flat loaf of gluten-free sourdough bread

I gave up! We did try regular sourdough because the kids seemed to be able to tolerate that, and it turned out great. However, shortly after, one of my daughters decided to go gluten and dairy free again because she feels better that way. So, homemade sourdough is on the backburner, perhaps forever. I still have the starter in the refrigerator (both the regular and gluten free versions), but I have no plans to use them right now.

Homemade Pizza with Mushrooms and Pepperoni
Gluten-Free Sourdough Discard Pizza

Meal Prep


10 meal prep containers frull of meals

While I did great with meal prep at the beginning of the year, that has gradually died off. Hopefully I can get back into meal prepping soon because that was a great way to reduce our grocery budget while increasing the variety of food we ate.

Final Thoughts

I’m hoping that by June, we can lowe our grocery bill significantly as we get our CSA and garden produce. That will help us get our monthly budget back to the target goal of $1,175 a month.

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