This post contains affiliate links.  Here are my goals I want to achieve in 2020: weeks 11, 12 & 13 of 52.

My 16 Goals I Want to Accomplish in 2020: Week 1 of 52


Exercise At Least 3,900 Minutes This Year

I exercised 65 minutes over the last three weeks for a grand total of 407 minutes for the year.

Track on WW Every Day

Accomplished this week. Not happening.  Due to shortages at the grocery store, I can’t find many of the foods I rely on, so I’m pressing the pause button on Weight Watchers.  Instead, I’m focusing on Intuitive Eating based on the food we can buy in the store and what we already have at home.

Learn Techniques to Handle, Recognize, and End Emotional Eating

I am continuing to read Made to Crave and the Made to Crave Devotional so I can remain focused each day.  I’ve also been scouting YouTube to watch other people talk about how they overcame emotional eating.


I have two goals with this.

Read a Passage of the Bible Daily

No progress on this. Such a slacker on this!  I need to revamp my morning routine to fit this in again.

Attend One Week Day Mass Weekly

Accomplished this week. The girls and I had gotten into a nice routine with this, but then, three weeks ago, they cancelled all Mass services.  Right now, I’ve accomplished this goal 6/13 weeks.  We’re watching Sunday Mass on YouTube, so I think I can just start watching one weekday Mass on there too, but it’s just not the same.


I’m working on changing my blog focus and hope to slowly implement that over the next few weeks.

DONE!!–Have the Site Redesigned and Updated

The new redesign is complete.

Transfer My Email List

As I mentioned previously, over the years, I have lost access to my email list!  Yikes!  Enough people have resigned up that last week I was able to send out a newsletter again.  Yay!   If you were on my previous email list and haven’t signed up again yet, will you please sign up?

Update at Least 200 Posts for SEO

No progress.

DONE!!–Delete at Least 100 Irrelevant Posts

I did a little bit more on this and have deleted 635 posts.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that I’m only on July, 2011.   I still have almost 9 more years to go through!!!!

Read 40 Books

I have completed 12 books so far this year, making this goal 30% complete.

Last week I finished The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, which I loved.

You know how you read a really, really good book, and after that, every new book you start just feels, blah?  That happened to me after The Nightingale, but then I picked up Local Girl Missing, and that book has drawn me in.

Local Girl Missing Cover


Be sure to check out my historical fiction I want to read.  If you’re a fellow bookworm, follow me on Goodreads; I’d love to follow you.

Learn Japanese

Do Duolingo Every Day

I did Duolingo every day the last three weeks, putting me on a 142 day streak.

Complete Japanese from Zero Book One

No progress.  Rather than using Japanese from Zero Book One right now, I’ve instead signed up for Mango Languages‘ Japanese course.  There are well over 300 lessons there, and I’ve completed 8 lessons.  I also signed the girls up for this.

Reduce Our Grocery Bill


My goal was to reduce our grocery bill to $10,000 or $833 a month.  HOWEVER, given the current pandemic and the fact that I can no longer bargain shop as I used to, my husband and I decided to eliminate this goal.

Right now, we’re not stepping foot in the store, so we’re relying on online deliveries and what I can get from the grocery store pick up, which is really hit or miss.  Given our food intolerances, we can’t just eat whatever is available.

In March, we spent $1,258.37 (I had a large freezer cooking session in the beginning of March that made this bill a bit higher than normal, and I also put down $100 as a deposit for a 1/4 side of beef.)

In February we spent $895.08Not accomplished

In January, our total was $804.74Accomplished!


Gain Control of My Email

My Google email now has 393 emails———–>down from 5,957 emails at the beginning of the year.  This email is 93.4% completely finished.

No progress on these other nightmare email accounts:

My Yahoo blog email has 93,155 emails.

My Yahoo spam email has 161,328 emails.

My Yahoo personal email has 58, 832 emails.


I’m pretty sure these two travel goals will be scrapped for 2020.  Life, what can you do but roll with the punches?

Take a Trip to Michigan

This year, we plan to take another trip to Michigan.  We’ll either go as a family vacation, or we’ll go to help my mom if she has her other hip replaced.  We’re starting to save money for the trip now, but we won’t have any definitive plans until we learn what my mom plans to do.

Take a Trip to Japan

My 14 Goals I Want to Accomplish in 2020
Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

Who knows when we’ll go.

That’s it.  My goals I want to accomplish in 2020: Weeks 11, 12 & 13 of 52.  

What are your goals for the year?

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