This post contains affiliate links. In exciting news, we discovered that there is a weekend Japanese school near us, so this week we’re observing it to see if it’s right for our kids.  We would love our children to become fluent in Japanese, and I’ll be honest, my husband has no interest in doing the teaching.  I try, but I don’t know much more than the kids, so it’s not working very well.  But back to goals, it’s the sixth week of the year, and I finally feel like I’m getting the swing of these goals and how to accomplish them by the end of the year.  Here are my goals I want to achieve in 2020: week 6 of 52.

My 16 Goals I Want to Accomplish in 2020: Week 1 of 52


Exercise At Least 3,900 Minutes This Year

I exercised 43 minutes this with Faithful Workouts for a grand total of 164 minutes for the year. I’ve completed 4% of this goal, so I better quit sleeping in on these cold mornings we’ve been having and get moving!

Track on WW Every Day

Accomplished this week. I’ve changed my weight loss plan to the Green Plan.  I even went so far as the close my old account from last year (when I was wildly unsuccessful), and start a new account.  When I set up my account again, I discovered you could choose from weight loss and healthy (33 points a day in my case) or just healthy (39 points for me).  For the first week, I chose healthy instead of weight loss and healthy.


Well, prior to last week, I’d been eating A LOT of junk, and I knew from my previous times going Paleo that I’m seriously hungry for the first few weeks when I switch over to a healthier eating plan.  I didn’t want to go over my points and feel discouraged, so I decided to use week one as a transition week, not expecting to lose much.  Indeed, I did stay within my healthy points, and though I was still hungry much of the time, I wasn’t ravenous.  I lost 1 pound this week.

Now, on week two of the green plan, I’ve changed to weight loss mode and am eating 32 points a day.  I’m curious to see my weight loss next week.

Learn Techniques to Handle, Recognize, and End Emotional Eating

Thanks to a reader’s recommendation, I started reading Made to Crave.  I’m only about 45 pages into it, but I think it will be helpful.


I have two goals with this.

Read a Passage of the Bible Daily

Just waiting for it to arrive.  Last week, I finally received The Word Among Us, and when I opened it, the entire magazine was empty!  All I received was the cover with no insides!!!  So frustrating after waiting so long.  I’m waiting on my replacement copy to come

Attend One Week Day Mass Weekly

Accomplished this week. So this year, we’ve gone to weekly Mass 3/6 times.  I *think* our new schedule is going to work, so we’ll be able to accomplish this every week.


Work on this has stalled as I’ve been busy catching up on my freelance work that I got behind on when everyone was sick in January and my mom had the shingles.

DONE!!–Have the Site Redesigned and Updated

The new redesign is complete.

Transfer My Email List

Over the years, I have lost access to my email list!  Yikes!  I’ve started a new one, but I’m starting from scratch.  If you were on my previous email list, will you please sign up again?

Update at Least 200 Posts for SEO

No progress.

DONE!!–Delete at Least 100 Irrelevant Posts

Something tells me I should have made this goal much larger!  I started deleting irrelevant posts, and I just couldn’t stop!  I’ve been blogging for 11 years this March, and so far I’ve gone through two years’ worth of posts and deleted 611 irrelevant posts.  By the time I’m done, I think I’ll be well over 1,000.

Read 40 Books

I have completed 8 books so far in January, making this goal 20% complete.

My Goals I Want to Accomplish in 2020: Week 6 of 52

I didn’t have much time to read this week (catching up on freelance work), but I did start Nazi Saboteurs, and so far I’m learning a lot historically.  I think I’ll get through this one quickly.

Be sure to check out my historical fiction I want to read.  If you’re a fellow bookworm, follow me on Goodreads; I’d love to follow you.

Learn Japanese

Do Duolingo Every Day

I did Duolingo every day this week, putting me on a 94 day streak.

Complete Japanese from Zero Book One

No progress.  I discovered that the textbook Japanese from Zero Book One has a free online course supplement, so I’ll also be using that to help me make my way through Japanese from Zero.  I’m excited for this goal and a little intimidated that I won’t be able to accomplish it because I’ll be short on time.

Reduce Our Grocery Bill

My goal this year is to reduce our grocery bill to $10,000 or $833 a month.

Our final tally for January was $804.74, so I accomplished this goal for January.  So far in February, we’v spent $281.30.


Gain Control of My Email

My Google email now has 393 emails———–>down from 5,957 emails at the beginning of the year.  This email is 93.4% completely finished.

No progress on these other nightmare email accounts:

My Yahoo blog email has 93,155 emails.

My Yahoo spam email has 161,328 emails.

My Yahoo personal email has 58, 832 emails.


If all goes as planned, this year will be a big year for travel.

Take a Trip to Michigan

This year, we plan to take another trip to Michigan.  We’ll either go as a family vacation, or we’ll go to help my mom if she has her other hip replaced.  We’re starting to save money for the trip now, but we won’t have any definitive plans until we learn what my mom plans to do.

Take a Trip to Japan

My 14 Goals I Want to Accomplish in 2020
Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

We haven’t been to Japan since 2002 for a variety of reasons, but this year will be the year that we go.  The last time we were there, my husband’s nephew was 4 months old, and soon he’ll be 18!  We can’t wait to go and are tentatively planning a trip for May.

That’s it.  My 16 goals I want to accomplish in 2020: Week 6 of 52.  

What are your goals for the year?

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