This post contains affiliate links. Happy New Year’s Eve!!  I didn’t accomplish all of my goals that I set for the last quarter of 2023, but I did better than if I hadn’t set the goals. Here’s the final report:

My Goals for the Remainder of 2023:

Health Goals

Woman on the beach doing yoga as the sun begins to rise
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Take 750,000 Steps: 85.1% Accomplished

I walked 50,364 steps this week for a total of 638,557 steps. I walked less this week because I was trying to catch up on work.

Have 22 Weight Lifting Sessions: 18% Accomplished

I had 0 weight lifting session this week. I have had 4 weight lifting sessions total so far.

Have 22 Yoga Sessions: 18% Accomplished

I had 0 yoga session this week.  So far, I’ve had four yoga session total.

Follow a Low Fodmap Diet to Treat SIBO for the next 4 to 6 weeks: 0% Accomplished

Holiday treats are getting in my way!

Make an Appointment with a Heart Doctor: Accomplished

I had my last heart doctor appointment in Arizona 18 months ago, but, when I went for my physical last week, I asked for recommendations.  I made an appointment, but it’s not until March.

Work Goals

A table with a mug of coffee and a computer opened to a Zoom meeting
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Create a Work Routine

Making progress, but I still don’t have a work routine I love.  So much work to do on this.  I’m hoping to get this ironed out in 2024.

Get 4 Posts Ahead for Work: 0% Accomplished

And, I used the post I had written in advance, so I’m back to being no posts ahead.

Get 4 posts Ahead in My Blog: 50% Accomplished

I am two posts ahead, but I need to proof read them and finalize them so they’re ready to go when I’m too busy.  Progress!


Woman holding open a book reading with sun beams coming through the window
Photo by Blaz Photo on Unsplash

Read 2 Books: 100% Accomplished!

Cover of Holly by Stephen King

I have finished both Stephen King’s new book, Holly and Jill Duggar’s Counting the Cost.  I have completed this goal.  I’ve finally gotten into In the Pines: A Lynching, A Lie, a Reckoning, but I’m in the middle of a brutal lynching, and I don’t want to finish reading that scene, so I haven’t picked up the book much this week.  I continued listening to Remarkably Bright Creatures on my one-hour round-trip to grocery shop.

Study Japanese for 1,500 Minutes: 9.6% Accomplished

I didn’t study Japanese this week. I studied a grand total of 144 minutes over the last eleven weeks. 

Final Thoughts

I’m curious–when you set goals, do you set them yearly, monthly, or weekly?

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