This post contains affiliate links. I made progress implementing more of these goals into my life last week.  Here’s to hoping week 3 is even better, especially for yoga and lifting weights.

My Goals for the Remainder of 2023:

Health Goals

Woman on the beach doing yoga as the sun begins to rise
Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

Take 750,000 Steps: 17% Accomplished

I walked 68,052 steps this week for a total of 128,631 steps for the last two weeks. I love using my treadmill desk to watch YouTube videos while walking and to practice my Japanese.

Have 22 Weight Lifting Sessions: 0% Accomplished

I did not do this.  I need to find my weights.  I think my daughters have them somewhere.

Have 22 Yoga Sessions: 4.5% Accomplished

I did one yoga session this week.

Follow a Low Fodmap Diet to Treat SIBO for the next 4 to 6 weeks: 0% Accomplished

Honestly, I’m confused about what diet to follow because everyone says something different.  Instead, I’m using my FoodMarble to monitor which foods cause fermentation and avoid those foods.  So far, a major culprit is apple, which is  my favorite fruit.  Actually, at this point, almost all fruit gives me trouble.

Make an Appointment with a Heart Doctor: 0% Accomplished

I had my last heart doctor appointment in Arizona 18 months ago.  I’m supposed to go in for yearly monitoring, so I need to find a heart doctor here in New York, especially since most specialists here have long wait times.

Work Goals

A table with a mug of coffee and a computer opened to a Zoom meeting
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Create a Work Routine

Making progress, but I still don’t have a work routine I love.  Working from home is a blessing that I’m thankful for.  My goal is to set defined work times so I know exactly when work time is and when off time is.  I’m working toward trying to get most of my work done in the morning hours, but this is still a work in progress.

Get Two Weeks Ahead in My Posts for Work: 0% Accomplished

This did not happen this week because my mom and Bookworm came to visit.  Next week is now the goal.  I want to create a buffer in case I get sick or am unable to work for whatever reason.

Get 4 posts Ahead in My Blog: 0% Accomplished

I tend to write posts on the fly and post them, which is fine for short or repetive posts (like my meal planning posts), but not so much for more in-depth posts I’d like to write.


Woman holding open a book reading with sun beams coming through the window
Photo by Blaz Photo on Unsplash

Read 2 Books: 12% Accomplished

I listened to 2.75 hours of A Door Into Time, so I’m 27% done with that book.  I also read three chapters of Enough.

Study Japanese for 1,500 Minutes: 2.8% Accomplished

I studied Japanese for  25 minutes this week, for a grand total of 43 minutes over the last two weeks.  To meet this goal, I’ll need to study 161 minutes a week, or 23 minutes a day.  Oof.

Final Thoughts

I made good progress on several of my goals, but I still have a few more I need to integrate into my life.

Have you ever set goals and then found life circumstances changed so much that you were unable to keep those goals?

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