This post contains affiliate links.  Last week our homeschool group was on break and I smashed out my goals. This week? This week was filled with homeschool activities and socialization. Goals? Not so much.

Path through a green forest. Overlayed is "My Goals for 2024: The Third 6 Weeks"


Health Goals

Eat My Meals 3 Hours Apart

Accomplished! This is necessary to help me get rid of SIBO.

Follow a Low Fodmap Diet

No! I’m sick, sick, sick of low fodmap foods. Instead, I enjoyed small bits of apple and pears and chicken apple sausage. The person I’m working with said this wouldn’t negatively affect my progress, and if I can tolerate the foods to eat them, so I did.


I have two goals for exercise:

Walk at Least One Mile a Day 5x a Week

Accomplished! I walked one mile 7x this week.

Lift Weights Four Times a Week and Do Yoga Five Times a Week

Woman sitting cross-legged turned to one side doing yoga.
Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

Working on it. Need to find a way to make this a regular part of my schedule like walking is. I didn’t do either this week.

Meal Prep 4 out of the Next 6 Weeks

Yes! 2/6 done.

Learning Japanese

PB & J Girl and I attempted to learn Japanese on our own this year using Japanese Pod 101 and watching videos on YouTube. My husband and I want to enroll her in an online Japanese II class next year, so we need to make sure she’s caught up with what the students learned in Japanese I. She’s in a good place with her learning, but we do need to amp these up from now until September. Here is my plan to amp up my own learning:

Listen to Japanese for 1,000 Minutes

Picture of Mt. Fuji and a temple in the foreground
Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

Did not do this. I need to get into the habit again.

Like last time, I plan to listen to Japanese music in the background when I work, listen to Japanese practices, and watch the news and videos in Japanese.

Study Japanese for 30 Minutes 5x a Week

Working on it. My goal is 150 minutes a week, and I studied for 80 minutes, giving me a grand total of 242 minutes for this six weeks.

(We’re using Japanese Pod 101, watching videos on YouTube, and studying with PB & J Girl’s new textbook and workbook.)

Homeschool Goals

Last year I planned out all of PB & J Girl’s assignments in the summer so I didn’t have to do it during the school year. That’s what I plan to do this year, but I have less time since my hours increased at work, so I need to get started earlier.

Plan Out Her Entire Geography Course & Work

On track. I’ve planned 15 weeks of her geography so far. Over the next 4 weeks, I want to plan the remaining 21 weeks.

Complete the Girls’ Quarterly Reports & Submit

Accomplished! Now I don’t need to worry about this again until the end of June. (Four times a year I have to spend a few hours completing each girl’s quarterly report to submit to our local school district.)

Read 2 Books

Working on it. My husband got me this book for Christmas. I’m about 124 pages in, and wow, it’s getting really strange. Not sure what I think about this one.

Complete 5 Biology Labs

No progress this week. I realized yesterday that our school year will end in about two months, so I should make this goal a priority ahead of mapping out next year’s geography. I really want this credit to count as a lab science, but we have to actually do the labs. . .

Financial Goals

Only one financial goal for this six weeks:

Don’t Spend Any More than $2,000 on Groceries

Eating Healthy Gluten Free Dairy Free Food on a Budget

On track. I spent $124 on groceries last week. I haven’t had time to reconcile the budget from last week, but I spent less than $80. Hopefully next week I’ll have exact totals.

I need to make sure this goal happens this six weeks because we WAY overspent in March.

How are you doing on your goals for 2024?

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