This post contains affiliate links.  So far, I’m doing alright on my goals.  I was on tap to get even more exercise time in until the weather suddenly turned rainy/snowy.  I’m not complaining–I’ve been waiting for snow all season.  Here’s how I did on week 1 of 6 for my goals:

Health Goals

I’m planning on 2024 being the year I eradicate SIBO.  I’m so excited to have this gone and be able to eat the foods I want (like apples, pears, and Brussels sprouts) without intense stomach pain.  And, if I lose weight as the result of the steps I’m going to follow, all the better, but that isn’t my focus this year.  My gut health is.

Between now and February 13th, follow these items:

  • Eat three meals a day only–no snacks–I didn’t succeed at this.  I get full quickly, and then need a snack in two to three hours. I have to work on eating more at meals.
  • Follow a Low Fodmap, Low Carb diet–NO!  I’m not going to follow Low Fodmap. It just doesn’t work for me.  I need to quit trying this and move to either Paleo AIP, Paleo, or Low Fermentation.  2024 is the year I’m just saying no to Low Fodmap.
  • Eat no refined sugar including white, brown, powdered, and coconut sugar. I did this 3 out of 7 days last week. 
  • Exercise for 15 hours–22.5% Complete! I exercised for 203 minutes, or 3 hours and 23 minutes
  • Meal prep for 4 out of 6 of the upcoming weeks–50% completed. I prepped at the beginning of the year and this past Sunday.

Personal Development Goals

I’m also planning better work/life balance this year, so these goals will help me find more enjoyment in life:

  • Read two or three books–I haven’t finished any books, but I read 280 pages of this book that I can’t put down! So good!
  • Learn how to make gluten free sourdough bread–I started my sourdough starter on January 1st.  So far, so good.  Hopefully next week I can cook with it.
  • Listen to Japanese for 600 minutes–9.5% Completed. I listened to Japanese for 57 minutes this week.
  • Study Japanese for 300 minutes–6% Completed. I studied Japanese for 18 minutes.
  • Write in my journal every day (I bought this 5-year journal so I wouldn’t feel so much pressure to write a lot.  The point now is to get back into the habit of journal writing.)–This habit will take awhile. I wrote in my journal twice this week.

Financial Goals

We’ve gotten a bit lax on our spending, since we moved, so 2024 is the year to be more aware. I shared my grocery goals earlier, and beyond that, I’m trying to be more mindful of our spending in general. We have some big house projects we’d love to take care of (like cutting down some of the trees on our property) and we have some we NEED to take care of (like replacing our 14-year-old water heater and having money set aside in case our 20-year-old refrigerator gives up the ghost).

  • Determine what we want to plant in the garden and start the seeds–Nothing yet.
  • Spend less than $2000 on groceries–30% Spent. This week we spent $609.  That is $52 for weekly groceries; $250 as the first of three payments for our summer CSA, and $307 for the first of four deliveries of our 1/2 side of beef.

Did you set goals for 2024? If so, I’d love to hear what they are!

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