This post contains affiliate links.  I realize there is a problem with my math. According to my naming “the fifth six weeks” this should be week 25 of the year, but we’re actually in week 28. That’s okay. I missed a week here and there, but I’m still chugging along trying to accomplish my goals. Here’s what I would like to accomplish in the fifth six weeks (yes, I’m still saying that even though it’s a misnomer!):

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Health Goals

Eat My Meals 3-4 Hours Apart

This is necessary to help me get rid of SIBO.

Follow the Trim Healthy Mama Plan

I went hardcore Paleo about a decade ago and lost a ton of weight. However, I didn’t find that lifestyle sustainable. I recently discovered the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, and I want to give it a shot this 6 weeks. It allows me to have Paleo meals, but it also allows me to have some grains, which I do enjoy sometimes. I’m hoping all of the veggies and fruit will help me establish good gut flora.


I have two goals for exercise:

Walk at Least One Mile a Day 4x a Week
Lift Weights or Do Yoga Every Day
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The only way I will accomplish this goal is if I make it part of my daily routine, like brushing my teeth.

Make 6 Freezer Meals

As veggies come in from our garden, I plan to use some of them to make freezer meals. Then, when the garden is no longer producing in the late fall and winter, we’ll have meals packed full of veggie goodness. Hopefully this will also help us continue to save on our grocery bill.

Learning Japanese

PB & J Girl and I are using these resources to learn Japanese: Japanese Pod 101 , watching videos on YouTube, and using Adventures in Japanese. Here is my plan to amp up my own learning:

Listen to Japanese for 500 Minutes
Picture of Mt. Fuji and a temple in the foreground
Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

I plan to listen to Japanese music in the background when I work, listen to Japanese practices, and watch the news and videos in Japanese.

Study Japanese for 10 Minutes Every Day

I also need to make this part of my daily routine, so I’ll do this daily. I think shorter sessions will help with memory retention, too.

Homeschool Goals

Last year, I planned out all of PB & J Girl’s assignments in the summer so I didn’t have to do them during the school year. I plan to do the same this year, but I have less time since my work hours increased, so I need to get started earlier. This six weeks, I’m assigning myself two classes of curriculum to plan, but when those are done, I’ll still have at least two more to plan.

Complete All of PB & J Girl’s Biology Labs

I counted 18 labs that she needs to finish for Biology. We’ll need to do three labs a week to complete them before the new year starts.

Plan Out Her Entire Geography Course & Work

Cover of the Guest Hollow Geography Curriculum

The last time I had this as a goal, I completed 18 weeks. I still have 18 more weeks to go!

Plan Out Her Entire Human Anatomy Course & Work

Guest Hollow Human Anatomy Cover

I will be planning a lot of curriculum in these 6 weeks!

Complete the Girls’ IHIPs (Instructional Plan)

I have to submit a form for each child listing the subjects we will cover and the textbooks we’ll use.

Complete the Girls’ Report Cards & Transcripts for the 2023-2024 Year

I couldn’t complete this last six weeks because both girls are still wrapping up some of their 2023-2024 school work. When they’re done, I can finish their report cards and transcripts.

Rest & Relaxation

Read 3 Books

Cuddle Bug spends about 3 to 5 hours a week at the local ninja gym, giving me plenty of time to read. I think this should be one of my easiest goals to accomplish.

Practice French horn for 10 minutes 5x a week

I played French horn for one year in 6th grade. This year, I picked it up again.

Financial Goals

I have two financial goal for this six weeks:

Don’t Spend Any More than $1,200 on Groceries This Six Weeks

Eating Healthy Gluten Free Dairy Free Food on a Budget

I need to make sure this goal happens this six weeks so we can stay on track for our 2024 Grocery Spending Goal.

Save $500 for Our Family Vacation

We’re taking a family vacation in the fall, but we don’t have anything saved yet. Time to get going!

How are you doing on your goals for 2024?

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