This post contains affiliate links.  Last year was chaos.  My husband was applying for jobs, and we knew we would move out of Arizona.  We just didn’t know when or where.  Then, he got a great job in New York, and we spent the last half of the year prepping for and moving across country.  The latter half of 2022 wasn’t great for accomplishing goals.  However, now we’re settled in our new home, and, (hopefully) life will be calmer.  Therefore, my goals for 2023 are ambitious.

My Goals for 2023

Personal Development

My kids are older now, so I have a bit more time to devote to personal development.  So, these are the items I’d like to accomplish this year:

Write in my journal for 150 days

I used to write in my journal every day because it was a way for me to relax and process what was happening in life.  I haven’t journaled regularly in more than 10 years.  This year, I’m going to write at least 150 days.  Then I can determine once and for all if journal writing still works for me of if I should give it up and not feel guilty about it.

Crochet an afghan for our bed

I haven’t been crafty in several years, either, so I’m challenging myself to make a quilt for our bed made of granny squares.  I *think* I’ll need 288 or so squares, so I should crochet roughly one a day.

Try 52 new recipes

Each week, I want to try one new recipe.  This will prevent us from falling into a food rut and hopefully give us some new recipes to add to our regular rotation.

Read 30 books

2023 Reading Challenge

I’d like to read more than 30 books, but with my other ambitious goals, 30 is enough.  You can read what I have in store for my reading challenge in 2023 in this blog post.

Volunteer 100 or more hours

PB & J Girl is trying for the Congressional Award bronze certificate, so she needs 30 hours of volunteering.  Since she’s still too young to volunteer on her own, we’re volunteering together.

Spend an average of two hours a week on researching my genealogy through June

My mom gifted me an Ancestry subscription for six months, so I plan to spend 2 hours a week minimum researching my ancestors.  I have previously researched through ancestors until the 1850s, so I’ll dive deep into the early 1800s and the 1700s this time.


Since a few months into the pandemic, I’ve focused on getting healthier.  This year, I plan to complete the weight-loss component of that journey.

Follow Weight Watchers of Healthi to help me lose the last 40 pounds I need to lose

Last year, I stopped Weight Watchers when they changed their plan.  I had maintained my weight loss from the previous year, but since I moved to New York and stopped walking regularly from July on during the move, I have gained about 10 pounds.  I have about 40 to 50 pounds to lose to get to a healthy weight, and this year is the year.  Weight Watchers changed their plan again this year, so I’ll try the new one.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll move to the Healthi app, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll go back to Paleo.

Exercise an average of 300 hours this year

My Goals for 2023

Last year, I got bored having a mileage goal because I was only counting walking time.  This year, I’m focusing on total time exercising, so I can walk, or snow shoe, or do yoga, or lift weights and have it count toward my total exercise goal.

Adventure/Family Time

Bookworm is in college in Michigan and the girls are getting older, so my husband and I want to prioritize family time before we’re empty nesters.

Visit 26 attractions


My Goals for 2023
Large tree with fall colors in the middle of an outdoor history museum

We’re in a new area, and there is a lot to see, so as a family, our goal is to visit 26 new attractions.  We’ll include things like visiting museums, new cities, and going to festivals, etc.

Spend 1000 hours outdoors with the kids

I have known about the 1000 hours outside challenge for several years.  However, I didn’t feel it was attainable for us in the Arizona heat. Now that we’re in a more temperate region, we can finally do the challenge.  Happily, the girls were 100% on board with this goal.

Organization/Home Management

I have felt unorganized since June when we started prepping for our move.  I really dislike feeling so scattered, so I’m plan to change that this year.

Spend an average of three hours a week on administrative homeschool tasks

As the girls get older, their schooling gets more demanding.  I plan to set aside 3 hours a week on administrative homeschool tasks.  During that time, I plan to:

  • Grade their work,
  • Maintain records for NY state,
  • Create their assignments for the week & print off what they need,
  • Read about college admissions, financial aid, etc.
  • Plan college tours (Yes, PB & J Girl is only 14, but she’s very excited to start touring colleges)

Get rid of 40 bags of clutter

Our house here is 400 square feet bigger than our old house, but as I get older, I find I want less stuff in our space.  So, this year I’m challenging myself to get rid of at least 40 bags of clutter.

That’s it.  These are my ambitious goals for 2023. I’ll update them weekly as I have for the last several years.

What goals have you set for the new year?

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