This post contains affiliate links. Time seems to slip through my fingers lately, so I plan to start making a daily schedule to see if I can get more done in my day AND have more time to relax and read a bit.  (Right now I wish I had all day to delve into Cloud Cuckoo Land!). Here’s my goals update for 2022: week 16 of 52.

My Goals for 2022
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My Goals for 2022


Stay Ahead in My Work

Progress.  I am still a 1/2 week ahead!!


On track.  I am now a week ahead in my blog.  However, like my freelance work, I’d like to be two weeks ahead.  The following goals will help with that:

Keep an Editorial Calendar

Not yet.

Take Classes on SEO and Pinterest

Not yet.

Update 52 Blog Posts

This goal is 11.5% complete.  Not this week.

These are the posts I updated previously:

Rhythm Ride by Andrea Davis Pinkney.

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah,

Getting Organized: Meal Planning and Cooking,

Cancer, Faith, and Unexpected Joy by Becky Baudouin

11/22/63 by Stephen King Book Review

MyFreezEasy Review

Eliminate Broken Links

Not yet.  I have 1,600 broken links on my blog!  I started to tackle this, but then I realized it would be better to work on eliminating old pages that no longer have worth.  Doing that will take care of a lot of the broken links, but I need to learn how to do it properly so people don’t get an error page.  (I really should be better at behind the scenes work as a blogger, but I really just like to write!!)

Get My Two Blog Email Accounts Down to Zero

My Goals for 2022

This goal is 9.4% complete.

At the start of the year, my main work email had 112,413 messages; it now has 107,344.  The other had 8,291; it currently has 5,917.  I haven’t worked on this since our vacation in February.  I’m horribly behind.


We did so many home improvements in 2021 that most of 2022 will be spent replenishing our home improvment fund.  However, there are some small improvements that we’d like to get done.

My Goals for 2022

  1. Replace the underlay on our roof.  (This will either be done in 2022 or early in 2023, depending on life circumstances.)
  2. Put handles on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets,
  3. Replace the sliding glass door handle DONE!
  4. Finish our master bathroom (We had a new shower tile installed, but we still have improvements to make.)
    *Replace the master bathroom towel holders (new addition)
    *Paint the master bathroom ceiling (new addition)
    *Paint the master bathroom (new addition)
    Paint the master bathroom trim (new addition)


Walk 400 Miles This Year

This goal is 21.2% complete.  For the first time since I got the treadmill, I didn’t walk at all this week.  My knee has been bothering me, and I found a bony lump on it about the size of a pea.  I have no idea what this is, but the doctor ordered x-rays, so I will find out soon.

For the year, I’ve walked 90.9 miles for 1681 minutes.

Make a Recipe Binder

Not yet.  I’m still looking for the recipe binder!

Have One Health Challenge a Month

This goal is 8% complete

Follow the low fodmap diet at least until April 26th when I have my next doctor’s appointment. (I cannot wait to go off this diet!!!)

CompleteFollow the low fodmap diet for the entire month, starting on March 7th.

I accomplished this.  I will likely stay on through most of April, too.  Then I hope to reintroduce all of the high fodmap food I love like apples and pears.

Not accomplished.  My goal for February is to do 10 sit ups, 5 push ups and 25 squats for 14 days this month.

Complete–walk a 5K on the treadmill!

I had never walked more than 2.5 miles since last year when I started walking, so this was a stretch for me.  However, I did it and couldn’t be happier about it.  Unfortunately, it did kick my butt and resulted in a lower number of miles walked this week than the last few, so I won’t be walking a 5K again for awhile.


Take One Day a Week Completely Off Work

This goal is just not going to happen in this busy season of our lives.  Instead, I replaced this goal:

Make 80+ Freezer Meals So I Don’t Have to Cook During the 100+ Degree Summer Days

I wrote a post about my goal to make 80+ freezer meals by this summer.

My window for this is almost closed.  Today and tomorrow are nice days, so I’m going to try to make up a few more meals, and then I’ll stop because the heat is getting intense.


I’ll update you soon on the final tally of meals I made.

Spend No More Than 45 Minutes on Social Media a Day

My Goals for 2022
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

This goal is 19.2% complete.  I’m beginning to realize the problem isn’t just social media but time on the computer in general.  I’m going to have to limit myself; I just have to figure out how since so much of what I do–budgeting, homeschool planning, working–is on the computer.


Finish The Bible in a Year

This goal is 10.4% completed.  I didn’t listen to any episodes this week.  (I started the year on episode 183.)

Read 52 Books

This goal is 38.4% complete.  I did not finish any books this week. I have finished 20 books so far this year:

Find Us (review coming soon)

Lillies of the Field (review coming soon)

Rock Paper Scissors (review coming soon)

Hiding in the Spotlight (review coming soon)

David Bussau (review coming soon)

A Night Divided 

Bright Lights, Prairie Dust 

No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality 

I’m Still Standing: From Captive U.S. Soldier to Free Citizen–My Journey Home 

Brother Andrew 

Surviving the Forest

The Forest of Vanishing Stars

Die with Zero

The Unanswered Letter

The Fault in Our Stars

Going Solo

Ida Scudder

The Night She Disappeared,

The Push,

Wuthering Heights

I’m currently reading/listening to several books.  (Check out my reading challenge to see what I plan to read this year.)

Write in My Journal 100 Times This Year

This goal is 14% complete.  I wrote in my journal one time this week.


Take Four Local Trips

This goal is 25% complete.

Yes!  We took one trip this week to a local pop-up history event set in the 1880s.  We saw a blacksmith working and listened to a band play old time music from the 1880s.  It was a small event but fun.

Travel to Michigan

Not yet, but we’re hoping to go maybe in the spring?

Travel to Japan

My Goals for 2022
Photo by Su San Lee on Unsplash

I’m putting this goal here because we were planning to go to Japan in February, 2020.  Covid had already hit Japan by then, so my husband’s mom asked us to cancel the trip. Little did we know how much our world would change in March, 2021.  We’d love to go to Japan in 2022, but that will depend on how the pandemic goes.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, my goals for 2022!  I’d love to hear how your goals are progressing in the new year.

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