This post contains affiliate links.  While I am glad that my mom and son got to visit for Thanksgiving, they brought a nasty cold with them.  My daughters and husband have been down and out with it all week.  So far, I’m the last one standing, so hopefully I don’t get it and the others recover quickly!

Here are my 2022 goals part 2: week 20 of 24.

My Goals for 2022
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

My Goals for 2022 Part 2


These new home improvement goals are based on our new house.

  1. Paint the front family room. Done!
  2. Paint the downstairs hallway. Done!
  3. Paint PB & J Girl’s bedroomDone!
  4. Paint Cuddle Bug’s bedroom.  Done!
  5. Replace the kitchen sink.  Sadly, we’ve run out of home improvement money for the year, so this one will have to wait until next year.
  6. Buy lawncare and snow removal equipment.  Done! So glad we got it in the nick of time.  We used the snowblower 4 times during the big storm!
  7. Move or trim some of the trees and landscaping close to the house to let in more natural lightDone!
  8. Replace one of the bedroom windowsDone!
  9. Fix the leaking crack in the basement. Done! 
  10. Update the electrical.  Done.


Walk 175 Miles This Years

I walked 4.3 mile for 76 minutes.

This goal is 85.8% complete.  For the year, I’ve walked 150.2 miles on the treadmill, for 2903 minutes.

Start Weight Watchers Again

I just got my new cell phone and will get it up and running this weekend.  Then, I’m going to try out Weight Watcher’s new plan for 2023.  Hopefully, that’s a better fit for me than their 2022 plan.


Read 40 Books

This goal is 95% complete.  This week I finished Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing by Matthew Perry.  I have completed 38 books in 2022:

The Pearl (review coming soon)

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing (review coming soon)

Animal Farm (review coming soon)

Fahrenheit 451 

The Day the Voices Stopped

Klaus-Dieter John

The Rosie Effect

Caleb’s Crossing

Tasting the Sky 

Cloud Cuckoo Land

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The Last Bookshop in London

The Unusual Life of Thomas Weaver

Know My Name

William Booth 

For Those Who Are Lost

The Physicists’ Daughter

All the Bright Places

Hiding in the Spotlight 

Find Us

Lillies of the Field 

Rock Paper Scissors 

David Bussau 

A Night Divided 

Bright Lights, Prairie Dust 

No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality 

I’m Still Standing: From Captive U.S. Soldier to Free Citizen–My Journey Home 

Brother Andrew 

Surviving the Forest

The Forest of Vanishing Stars

Die with Zero

The Unanswered Letter

The Fault in Our Stars

Going Solo

Ida Scudder

The Night She Disappeared,

The Push,

Wuthering Heights

I’m currently reading/listening to several books.  (Check out my reading challenge to see what I plan to read this year.)

Write in My Journal 30 Times This Year

This goal is 60% complete.  I have written in my journal 18 times this year.

Make a Recipe Binder

This goal is 4.2% complete. I think this goal is going to get pushed to next year.


Take Eight Local Trips

No trips this week.

This goal is 87.5% complete.

In Arizona

Trip #1: We took our first trip to a local pop-up history event set in the 1880s.  We saw a blacksmith working and listened to a band play old time music from the 1880s.  It was a small event but fun.

Trip #2: We went to the Japanese Children’s Day Festival!

In Michigan

Trip #3:  We stopped by Michigan to visit my mom before we make our way to New York.  We decided to visit Adams Blueberry Farm to pick some organic blueberries.  My kids haven’t done this for 8 years, since we moved to Arizona.  My husband and I both commented how nice it is to be back in a place where we can do activities like this.

In New York

Trip #5: I didn’t take any pictures, but we went to Bliss Family Farm’s Homeschooler Day.  They had a small petting zoo, bowling with pumpkins, and a HUGE corn maze, which we were lost in for some time.  We also got to each take a pumpkin home.

Trip #6: We went to Genesee Country Village & Musuem.  More details coming soon!

Trip #7: We went to New York City and Jersey City, New Jersey.  More details coming soon!

In Pennsylvania

Trip #4:  More details to come about our trip to Philly!


These are the goals I’ve achieved so far in 2022:


Learn How to Homeschool in New York:

This goal is complete!  Yeah!

    1. Watch info videos on how to homeschool in New York.
    2. Make an education plan for this year for each of the girls
    3. Contact the local district and fill out the appropriate paperwork
    4. Find homeschool groups to join. .


In our old house, our realtor hooked us up with her contract.  He and his team were able to finish our master bathroom for much less than the tile company we hired last December to remodel the master shower.

My Goals for 2022
Our master bathroom BEFORE


  1. Replace the sliding glass door handle DONE!
  2. Finish our master bathroom (We had a new shower tile installed, but we still have improvements to make.)
    *Replace the master bathroom towel holders (new addition)
    *Paint the master bathroom ceiling (new addition)
    *Paint the master bathroom (new addition)
    *Paint the master bathroom trim (new addition)

Travel to Michigan

We went to Michigan!!  We’ve actually gone to Michigan five times this year because of all the back-and-forth driving we’ve done between Arizona and New York and getting Bookworm settled in college there.  This goal has been accomplished many times over.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, my goals for 2022!  I’d love to hear how your goals are progressing in the new year.

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