This post contains affiliate links. November will be a busy month because my husband has work events three weekends this month.  I usually do my work on the weekends, so I have to try to squeeze in work other places and times, which can be challenging.  Therefore, I think this month I’ll have to lower my expectations as far as goals go.

Here are my goals for 2021: Week 44 of 52:

My 2020 Weight Loss Results
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What I Accomplished This Week

Walk 1.5 to 2 miles five days this week.

No.  I walked four days this week, for 1.7, 2, 1.6, and 1.6 and  miles for a total of 6.9 miles and 139 minutes.

Do one lesson in my Pinterest course.

Yes.  I also found an SEO course and did one lesson in that one.

Brainstorm a list of 5 more topics for Mom’s Plans’ posts.


Inventory and organize the deep freezers.

Yes.  I placed a big order with ButcherBox to get us through the winter.  I got about 60 pounds of fish, turkey, pork, chicken, and beef, so organization was a necessity.

If you’d like to try ButcherBox, use my code to get $30 off and a free turkey!  (A ButcherBox turkey is in our freezer along with a turkey from Good Chop.  We plan to cook one at Thanksgiving and one sometime in January.)

Begin generating gift ideas and maybe even buy a few Christmas gifts.

No.  Not this week.

Update two blog posts for SEO.


Goals for This Week

And, my shorter list of goals for the upcoming week:

  • Walk 1.7 to 2.2 miles a day for four days this week.
  • Do one lesson in my Pinterest course.
  • Do one lesson in my SEO course.
  • Begin generating ideas for Christmas presents & perhaps buy a few gifts
  • Update two blog posts for SEO.
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