This post contains affiliate links. I don’t know why, but we’ve had a rough week around here.  Lots of big emotions and feelings from the kids, which made the week a bit rocky.  I’m glad this week is over and hoping for better moods next week.

Here are my goals for 2021: Week 39 of 52:

My 2020 Weight Loss Results
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What I Accomplished This Week

Follow along to Bible in a Year for 3 episodes.

No.  I’m still waiting on Bookworm to add more episodes, but he’s really busy, so I may need to figure out how to do this myself.

Walk 35 minutes a day for 4 days this week.

Yes.  I did great with this goal.  I exercised 205 minutes this week over 6 days, averaging 34 minutes a session.

Do 10 squats, 5 push ups, and 5 sit ups 6 days this week.

No.  I didn’t do any of this.  After I’m done on the treadmill, I’m hot and sweaty and just want to jump in the shower.  I may have to figure out another way to fit this in, maybe at a different time in the day.

Complete one week of my blog course.

No.  I’m still busy calling different tile companies for estimates and deciding how we want to pay for this impromptu remodel thanks to the mold issue.

Have a Paleo freezer cooking session.

This wasn’t on my list of goals to accomplish last week, but it was the week before, and I finally got it done.  I made a batch of hamburger patties and three meals and broke them into individual servings.  Now, I’ll always have a meal to eat when my family has a meal that isn’t Paleo friendly.  I made the following, all of which are delicious!

Hamburger Patties

Paleo Chili,

Harvest Vegetable Soup

Butternut Squash Apple Soup


Goals for This Week

Next week is going to be all about figuring out the home improvement/mold repair so I can get it done.  Right now, the naturopath has me taking activated charcoal to remove the mold from my system, and the sooner I get rid of the mold in the house, the sooner I can stop taking the charcoal.

  • Follow along to Bible in a Year for 3 episodes.
  • Walk 35 minutes a day for four days this week.
  • Get two estimates for the shower replacement.
  • Schedule a day for the mold remediation.
  • Find five topics to write about in October for my freelance work.
  • Give the girls their quarterly grades.
  • Create the girls’ assignments for the next quarter.
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