This post contains affiliate links.  It’s taken four and a half months, but I finally feel like I have a handle on my goals!  Writing them down, tackling them early in the week, and checking midweek to see how I’m doing seems to make all the difference.


Here are my goals for 2021: Week 20 of 52:

My 2020 Weight Loss Results
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What I Accomplished This Week

Finish Later this week.

Yes!  Review coming soon.

Read half of The Giver of Stars this week.

No.  I only finished 1/3, not 1/2 like I had planned.  I knew that finishing one book and reading half of another was an ambitious goal.

Follow along to Bible in a Year for 3 days.

Yes! It’s working great to listen to this when I cook dinner.

Every day walk one mile or bike two miles this week.

Yes.  I biked four miles this week, and walked 5.33 miles.  I exercised every day for a total of 2 hours and 8 minutes.  I’m on a roll–exercising 21 days in a row straight!

Do yoga twice this week.

Yes!  More Yoga with Bird for me.

File half of our loose paperwork this week.


Listen to one healthy living podcast this week.

Yes.  I listened to The Amazing Benefits of Walking with Stephen R. Talbot.  I was pretty proud of myself and my own walking until I heard him say that at a minimum we should all be walking at least 60 minutes a day!

Figure out a schedule so I have some time to work during the week.

Yes!  The kids and I agreed that I would work from noon to 2 p.m. every day.  They watch TV for the first half hour and then find things to do independently after that.  This plan worked great this week!

Write in my journal two times this week.


Make a menu plan for the next two weeks.

No.  I finished about 1.5 weeks, not quite two.

Watch one lesson for a Pinterest course I’m taking for the blog.

Yes!  I watched one lesson, but now I need to incorporate what I learned.

Goals for This Week

Here are my goals for this week:

  • Finish The Giver of Stars this week.
  • Follow along to Bible in a Year for 3 episodes.
  • Walk one mile or bike two miles every day this week.
  • Do yoga four times this week.  (I read that regular yoga can help ease a heart arrhythmia, so I’m going to focus on adding more yoga weekly before I increase my cardio further.)
  • Listen to one healthy living podcast.
  • Write in my journal three times this week.
  • Begin a family cookbook by typing up four recipes this week.
  • Watch one lesson of a Pinterest course I’m taking for the blog.

How are your goals going for 2021?

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