This year I decided to arrange my goals differently.  Every week, I set weekly goals and share how I did on those goals.  I think of them as micro goals.  Then, once a month, I’ll update you on my yearly goals.  This is my third monthly update post.

My Goals for 2021
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Concrete Goals

Read 26 Books

This goal is 38% accomplished.  I have read 10 books so far in 2021:

The Institute

The Rosie Project

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

A Higher Call,

Elisabeth Elliott: Joyful Surrender,

Forty Autumns,

Blood & Silver,

When We Meet Again,

Charles Mulli,

The Book of Lost Friends,

Complete Half of The Bible in a Year Program

This goal is 42% accomplished.  So far, I’ve listened to 78 days of Father Mike Schmitz’s podcast, The Bible in a Year.  My original goal was to complete 1/2 of this in 2021.  Then I thought I could complete the entire podcast in a year, and now I’m back to thinking I will complete 1/2 of it.  We’ll see.

Complete & Utilize Two Trainings for My Blog

This goal is 0% accomplished.

Live a Healthier Life

Sure, live a healthier life is vague, but here’s how I break it down:

Track my points on WW’s Green plan every day

This goal is 16% accomplished.  Thanks to some health issues that the doctors are trying to figure out, I’m not sure what the heck to eat, so I haven’t been tracking my WW Green Plan points every day, as regularly.  Hopefully, once I get some answers this will be easier.

Exercise at least five days a week

I stopped keeping track of my exercise days in March, but just recently, I’ve been biking around our neighborhood every day, so there is some improvement here.

Lose weight


I lost 4.5 pounds this month!!  So now I’m down 30 pounds total since I started losing weight last year.

Watch videos and read books on how to stop emotional eating

I really didn’t do this in March.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’ll turn my focus to this.

Find and Eliminate Time Wasters

This year I plan to be more efficient.  This means finding and ruthlessly eliminating time wasters.

In January, I found ways to reduce my time in the kitchen!

In February, I started limiting my social media time to 30 minutes a day.

I didn’t really find a way to be more efficent this month.  I do think I need to drastically limit my internet time, though.

Research My Ancestry

This goal is 50% complete.  I’m loving this and will be sad when my subscription ends in June!

Declutter the House

This goal is 25% complete.  Working on it, working on it!  Our living room is decluttered, but then, clutter seems to build up in our bedroom, which is my next task to complete.  Do you have a good minimalism/declutter podcast to listen to?

Complete Home Improvement Projects

This goal is 45% complete!  We’ve completed all of the indoor painting projects, and now we’ll take a break until the weather cools down in November:

Here are our completed projects:

The ugly livingroom:


The kids’ bathroom cabinets:

This year, we’d like to:

  • paint the livingroom,
  • paint the kids’ bathroom cupboards
  • paint the kitchen cupboards,
  • paint PB & J Girl’s ceiling,
  • replace the carpet,
  • replace the sliding glass door handle, and
  • paint the outside of the house

There’s more we’d like to do like replace some light fixtures, fix our rusty wrought iron gate, put in back splash, and replace our bathroom mirror, but we’ll wait on the other items.

Maybe Teach Bookworm to Drive

No progress on this one.

Overall, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made in January & February on my yearly goals.  If I can keep up this momentum, I think I can accomplish a lot this year.

What are your goals for 2021?  How much did you accomplish in January?


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