This post contains affiliate links. As far as goals, I completely tanked on 2020 goals.  Thankfully, 2021 goals are shaping up to be more successful!  Since October ended, it’s time to update you on my yearly goals.  This is my tenth monthly update post.

My Goals for 2021
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Concrete Goals

Read 26 Books

This goal is 131% accomplished.  I have read 34 books this year.  My goal was to read 26 books in 2021, but in October, I read four more!:

A Thousand Splendid Suns

The Red Pony

Where the Forest Meets the Stars (review coming soon!)

The Orphan’s Tale 

The Warsaw Orphan (review coming soon!)

Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China

The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington

Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of China

Who Gets in and Why 

How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House

On the Horizon

The Dry 

Rust & Stardust


The Sound the Sun Makes 

The Four Winds

Isobel Kuhn

The Giver of Stars


Right Cross

Betty Greene: Wings to Serve

When Breath Becomes Air

Under the Tulip Tree

Before and After: The Incredible Real-Life Stories of Orphans Who Survived the Tennessee Children’s Home Society

The Institute

The Rosie Project

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

A Higher Call,

Elisabeth Elliott: Joyful Surrender,

Forty Autumns,

Blood & Silver,

When We Meet Again,

Charles Mulli,

The Book of Lost Friends,

Complete Half of The Bible in a Year Program

This goal is 100% accomplished.  As of the end of September, I’d listened to 183 days of Father Mike Schmitz’s podcast, The Bible in a Year.  I don’t plan to tackle the second half until next year..

Complete & Utilize Two Trainings for My Blog

This goal is 16% accomplished.

I have not yet completed the trainings, but I’m working on a training for SEO right now.

Live a Healthier Life

Sure, live a healthier life is vague, but here’s how I break it down:

Track my points on WW’s every day

Accomplished in October.  I tracked 30 days in October!


Exercise at least five days a week

In October, I started walking four days a week, but for longer distances.  For now, especially when life is busy, this works for me.

Lose weight


In October I lost 4.5 pounds.  I’m now down 54 pounds since I started losing weight last year.

Watch videos and read books on how to stop emotional eating healthy living.

I didn’t listen to any of these in October.

Find and Eliminate Time Wasters

This year I’ve been working on way to become more efficient.  However, I haven’t done much with this since June.

In January, I found ways to reduce my time in the kitchen!

In February, I started limiting my social media time to 30 minutes a day.

In March and April, I had my kids taking cooking classes so they could cook a few times a week and give my husband and me a break!

In May, I rearranged my schedule with the kids’ help so that I have about two hours during the day to work rather than doing all my work on the weekend.

Research My Ancestry

This goal is 100% complete.  My subscription is done.  However, for Mother’s Day, the kids and my husband gave me money that I can use for ancestry research.  I plan to get a subscription to so I can learn about those ancestors, but I’m going to wait a few months because the next few months will likely be busy for us.  I plan to work on this again closer to wintertime.

Declutter the House

This goal is 100% complete.  We definitely could declutter more, but for what I wanted to accomplish in 2021, we’re done.  Best of all, there are no piles of clutter on my bedroom floor like there used to be.

Complete Home Improvement Projects

This goal is 75% complete!

I’ll be able to finish up this goal in December when we have our master bathroom shower redone in tile, have our ugly wall-to-wall sink mirror removed and add backsplash to our kitchen.

Here’s what else we’ve done in 2021:

July’s Improvement

July was a costly but productive home improvement month.   We had our roof repaired because we had several broken tiles.

Then, we finally got the exterior painted.  I never really cared for the peachy color it was when we bought the house.  The color just seemed like it was from the 90s.  I like the new color scheme much better.

We have a patio off the back of our house, and since we moved in, large pieces of the paint blew off during monsoon storms.  The painters said that whoever did the painting before just painted directly on the ceiling dry wall, which made it not stay on.  This painting company sent out a man who put on three layers of plaster over the drywall before they painted.  It looks so much better!

June’s Improvement

I wanted to buy some curtains for our house, but I waited until Amazon Prime Day.  The first curtain I replaced was the ratty green one by our front door.  I replaced it with a creamy one that makes the entry way much brighter.

I also ordered curtains for our bedroom, but we haven’t had time to put them up yet.

Previous 2021 Improvements

Here are our completed projects:

The ugly livingroom:


The kids’ bathroom cabinets:

This year, we’d like to:

  • paint the livingroom,
  • paint the kids’ bathroom cupboards
  • paint the kitchen cupboards,
  • paint PB & J Girl’s ceiling,
  • replace the carpet,
  • replace the sliding glass door handle, and
  • paint the outside of the house

There’s more we’d like to do like replace some light fixtures, fix our rusty wrought iron gate (the painters were able to do this)put in back splash, and replace our bathroom mirror, but we’ll wait on the other items.

Maybe Teach Bookworm to Drive

10% Complete. In October, we didn’t do any driver’s training.  Bookworm wanted to focus his attention on applying to college and scholarships, so we took a break.  He’s still working on college stuff, so we likely won’t pick this back up until December.

Overall, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far on my yearly goals.

What are your goals for 2021?  How much have you accomplished so far?

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