It is time for another round of freezer cooking. More and more I am enjoying having meals in the freezer ready to go. It greatly reduces my desire to take out or grab fast food. I wouldn’t call the cooking days enjoyable necessarily, but it is so worth it to be set for the month on meals!

Here is my plan for this month (to be done over two or three days):

Day One
Make Banana Blueberry Muffins*
Make Butterscotch Banana Bread*
Cut up all of the onions
Make Turkey Sloppy Joes
Roast 5 lbs. chicken in the oven while I take a break to clean the kitchen & feed the baby
Cook up bacon
Make the filling for empanadas*
Make garlic butter & garlic cheese bread
Shred the chicken
Make Chicken and Bacon Sub
Eat one Chicken and Bacon Sub for dinner & clean up kitchen

Day Two
Set out cream cheese to soften
Stuff the Empanadas* & bake them
Make the filling for Italian Pizza Rolls*
Fill the Italian Pizza Rolls
Make the Chicken Enchiladas
Make the Stuffed Shells filling & pipe into the shells
Clean up the kitchen

Day Three
Mix the ingredients for Turkey Croquettes and let rest in the refrigerator
Chop the broccoli and red pepper
Make the Chicken & Broccoli*
Cook the Turkey Croquettes
Clean up & take a break from the kitchen until next month! (Just kidding)

All recipes with an * are taken from my Holly Clegg Trim & Terrific Freezer Friendly Meals cookbook.

Making freezer meals is labor intensive, but the pay off is worthwhile. Works for me!

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