In just one more short week, I will be considered fully recovered from my c-section and my limit of not lifting more than my baby will be removed. (Thank goodness! I can finally pick up my 18 month old again!)

My husband has been working from home, but he plans to go to school nearly every day starting next week. That will find me alone with two kids under 19 months. It will be an experience, I am sure. I don’t want to worry about cooking, at least not my lunch when I am taking care of the girls, and maybe not our dinner sometimes.

In addition, my husband always cooks breakfast in the morning. (Yes, I love that he does this!) The breakfasts he makes usually include a fruit cut up, eggs in some fashion and oatmeal. In addition, he packs his lunch and my son’s. It is a lot for him to do in the morning. Since we are trying to get our newborn on the same schedule as our 18 month old, he has agreed to get up with all three kids at 5:30 a.m. when they usually wake up so I can sleep a bit longer since I am up nursing several times a night. To make life easier on him, I have included several breakfast entrees in my freezer meal plan this month.

I have never actually written down a plan, step-by-step for making my freezer meals, but considering the quantity I am making, I am trying a plan this month to see if it makes the process smoother.

Here is the plan for the next few days as I attempt to restock the freezer:

Day One
Make pancakes and freeze
Cook 8 cups of black beans and 4 cups of pinto beans
Cook brown rice
Assemble No Meat Burritos
Start Crockpot Chicken Beans & Cheese Burritos
Make French toast sticks
Bake eggs for breakfast sandwiches

Day Two
Marinate meat for steak & egg burritos
Cook sausage for breakfast sandwiches
Assemble breakfast sandwiches
Scramble eggs for steak & egg burritos & breakfast burritos
Shred & cook potatoes for breakfast burritos
Cook bacon for breakfast burritos
Assemble breakfast burritos
Cook steak
Assemble steak & egg burritos

Day Three
Make cheeseburger rolls

I’ll report back with my progress in a few days!

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