For awhile now, I’ve been getting emails offering promo codes to try out Safeway grocery delivery.  This week, in an attempt to keep my grocery budget ultra low, I decided to take advantage and try Safeway delivery.  Overall, I was quite pleased.

I was given a promo code that gave me free delivery and $20 off my order of $49 or more.  I ordered a mix of shelf stable items, produce, and lunch meat.  This week, Safeway had Speed Stick deodorant on sale for $1 for the 1.4 oz. container, so I ordered two, in addition to my groceries.

Delivery Options

At check out, I chose to give the delivery driver a 4 hour window to deliver my groceries.  (My daughter was sick, so I knew I wasn’t leaving the house all day.)  My other options would have been a two hour delivery window or a one hour one.  Had I been paying a delivery fee, the four hour window is $6 cheaper than the one hour window.   My scheduled delivery time was between 8 a.m. and noon; the driver came right around 10 a.m.

The driver was friendly and explained everything to me, knowing this was my first delivery.  I appreciated that.

The Quality of the Food

I was impressed that my produce was in pristine condition and that my eggs were not cracked.  The person who filled my order filled it exactly as I would have, so kudos to that!

What I’d Like to See Improved

There were only two minor things that bothered me.

First, when placing my order, I was given the choice between allowing substitutions within the same brand, with a different brand, or not at all.  I naively thought that if they made substitutions, they wouldn’t charge more.  Wonk, wonk, wonk.  That was not the case.  The 1.4 oz. deodorant I wanted for $1 was out of stock, so they replaced it with a twin pack of 3.0 oz. Speed Stick, but then they charged me $4 instead of the $2 it would have cost if I got the sale item I wanted.  Now, I know that I paid about the same per ounce, but our toiletries budget is very tight, and I didn’t want to spend $4 on deodorant; I wanted to spend $2.  If I place a delivery order again, I will simply say no substitutions allowed.

Second, when I buy lunch meat in the store, the label says when the meat should be used by.  But when I bought it for delivery, the meat just says it should be sold on the same day we purchased it.  I know we’ll go through the 1/2 pound of lunch meat I bought before it expires, but I’d like to see a use by date.

Otherwise, I was pleased by my order and happy to get $20 off my groceries.

Do you ever have your groceries delivered to you?  If so, what company do you use?

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