This is a picture of my computer.  (Excuse the dirty, toddler finger stained monitor.)

The computer is on.  Only nothing happens.

Not good.

Last week the computer went on the fritz, and we quickly backed up everything.  (Except, duh, when I did all of my work this week, I didn’t back up!)

This morning it froze and was very slow, so I turned it off and tried to restart it.  As I have several times since.

This is all I see.  Not good.

I do all of my freelance and blogging work on my laptop.  Right now, I am borrowing my husband’s ancient computer.  The plan was for him to inherit my computer when I got a new one because I knew last winter that I would eventually have to get a new one. . .But I kept putting it off because we never had the money, or because I would rather put the money on debt repayment.

Now, here we are.  Hello, Murphy.

This month is a tight one.  I just paid for the Financial Blogger Conference and am waiting on a reimbursement from my sponsor.

My husband and I are going to California in November for his conference, and we need to buy the airline tickets.

I have just had a series of expensive medical tests, and our deductible is not even close to being met, so we will have at least $500 to $1,000 in out-of-pocket expenses.

The Big Question

Now, we can’t decide if we should get this one repaired or buy a new one.

If we get it repaired, we are likely looking at several hundred dollars as the diagnostic test is $149.  (I have had this computer fixed twice before usually to the tune of $250 or $300.)

If we buy new, we are looking at a roughly $700 purchase, with money we don’t have.

Then again, I do all of my work on my computer, and it is not feasible for my husband not to have a computer while I use his.  Arrgg

To repair or to buy new?  What do you think?

And if you think buy new, what type would you recommend?



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