I always hear Oprah referring to “Your Best Life.” I have decided this summer to focus on living my best life. In the next few weeks, I will outline some of the changes I am making.

The most important change for me personally is losing weight. I am nearing 40, and I now have three small children depending on me and my husband. I want to lose weight not because I will look better (although that will certainly be a nice perk), but because I want to stay healthy. By the time my littlest one graduates from high school, I will be close to 60. (That seems crazy to even think about!) I want to be healthy.

It is also important because my own father died of cancer at 38. I know personally how that loss can affect a child, and I would like to do all I can to prevent my children from suffering that same loss.

To this end, I have taken two important steps. First, I have signed up for Weight Watchers online. I chose the online format because I don’t really have time to go to a meeting with a 1 month old and a 19 month old. Also, it is cheaper in the online format–$5 per week. I also read about E-Mealz and signed up for a three month subscription. I used the code “Dave” and received $2.50 off, so it ended up costing me roughly $1 a week. I signed up for the points plan to coincide with following Weight Watchers. I have tried it for a week now, and I really love it. The plan takes all of the thinking out of meal preparation.

My first goal is to lose the remainder of the baby weight. I have 13 more pounds to go to accomplish this goal.

I’ll continue to update my weight loss successes and also to share more changes I would like to make to achieve my best life.

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