This year I set goals with the idea of being gentle with myself.  I knew that we’re still deeply invested in therapy for the kids and that time would be at a premium.  To be honest, for awhile, I stopped updating or even looking at these goals.  I know how much I can handle and when I need to let things drop.

However, I decided last week to take a look back on my goals and see how I’m doing, and surprisingly, I’m doing better than I thought, even with the kids in 25+ hours of therapy a week.  Here’s the update:


Use the Barton reading program with one of my dyslexic children 4x a week for at least 45 weeks. 

When I wrote my original goals post, my first dyslexic child had progressed from Level One of Barton to Level Two.  Now, in August, that child is in Level Four after taking a two month hiatus in the summer.

The second child with dyslexia I tried to teach and got halfway through Level Two before meeting strong resistance.  This child has now just started again in Level Two with a Barton Reading and Spelling tutor 4x a week.


My original goals were to follow the Paleo diet and to eat 6 to 8 veggies a day.  I decided to not follow Paleo because, while it works great for weight loss, for me, I don’t think it’s sustainable for the rest of my life.  (That’s why I gain significant weight whenever I go off Paleo.)  Instead, I’ve been learning about and following WW (Weight Watchers) since February, but only working the program in earnest for the last month.  So far I’ve lost 10 pounds.

I’m eating 5 fruits and veggies a day, so I need to bump this up.


Blog 3x a week for at least 45 weeks of the year.  I seem to be blogging two to three times a week, and for now, that’s where it will have to stay.

Increase my business income by 10%.  I have accomplished this goal!!  I’ve had several different work opportunities come up, and that has lead to an increase in my work at home income.  I hope to maintain this level, and I’d like to begin focusing on increasing traffic to my blog, but that might have to wait until next year.


Read at least 30 minutes a day.  

Honestly, I haven’t kept track of my reading time because that feels like a chore.  But I can tell you that I set a goal on my  Goodreads account to read 26 books this year, and so far I’ve completed 22, so I’d say this goal is on track.  I’d love it if you’d follow me at Goodreads, and I’d love to follow you if you have a Goodreads account.


Read at least 6 religious/spiritual books.  Sadly, this one is completely lacking.  I need to get cracking on this goal.

Read the Bible in a year.  I found this chart, and began the year using it every morning, but that habit fell by the wayside.  Instead, I joined an 8 week Bible study in the spring, and this fall, I’ll be joining a weekly women’s Bible study, so for now, that’s how I’ll have to get my Bible study in.


The first week in January, I added these goals:

Raise $1,000 for a trip to Michigan

We’ve accomplished this, but thanks to my husband’s busy schedule, we likely won’t be able to go until next summer.

Write one thing I’m grateful for a day

Right after the new year, I saw this excellent video that inspired me to write down one grateful thing a day, but oops! I forgot about this goal and haven’t done it EVER!  Time to work on this goal!

Have you set goals?  If so, I’d love to hear them!

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