This post contains affiliate links.  We hardly leave the house now because COVID is so bad in our area, but every day, I’m amazed how busy we stay.  Over the long holiday weekend, my husband painted my daughter’s ceiling, and we got all of the painted kitchen cupboards back up.  We have to get all of our home improvement projects done before it gets too hot, which should happen in another few months.

Here are my 2021 goals: week 3 of 52.

Goals for Last Week

Last week, I had several goals:

Finish setting up a snack schedule, and my morning schedule.

You may wonder why I set up a snack schedule.  The main reason is that one child would snack me out of house and home.  A few months ago, we all agreed that four snacks a day is fair.  However, this child would prefer to eat all store-bought carby snacks.  So, now the snack schedule clarifies:

    • one homemade bakery type snack (like a muffin or bananan bread),
    • one store-bought snack,
  • one protein snack, and
  • one fruit or veggie snack

So far, the new schedule is working well.

Read 10 Pages of Atomic Habits a Day

I fully intended to do this one, but instead, I started reading Blood and Silver by Vali Benson.  I did read more than the equivalent of 10 pages a day with that one, if it counts.  😉

Finish the kitchen cabinets and take an “after” picture

I’m done painting the cabinets, but I still haven’t installed the hardware.  (I need to order longer screws before I do.)  So, the “after” picture will come when that is done.

Paint our daughter’s ceiling.

This was a quick project, which was nice after the kitchen cabinets.  I don’t know if you can see in the “before” picture, but the previous owners did a very sloppy job of painting the ceiling.  In fact, it looked like they forget to paint around the items in the ceiling they’d have to be careful around like the speaker.  Anyway, this project is done, and the ceiling looks much better!


Listen to two healthy lifestyle podcast.

This week I listened to episodes two and three of Real Weight Loss for Real Women.  Episode three was so good, I want to listen to it again.

Follow along to The Bible in a Year for seven days.

I accomplished this, which means I didn’t fall any further behind.  Now, I need to work on slowly catching up.  (I’m officially 6 days behind, so I’m going to try to do one extra podcast each week for 6 weeks until I catch up.)

Exercise three days this week.


Declutter for two hours.

I worked in our bedroom for one hour and on our bookshelves in the living room for one hour.

Work on my Ancestry for one hour.

I think I actually did this for about three hours.  🙂

Complete my bookkeeping for the blog.

I got about half of this done.

Pick up take out from our favorite gluten free restaurant to celebrate getting the kitchen cabinets done.

Done.  It was fun and tasty!

Goals for This Week

This week, I have several goals:

  1. Read 10 pages of Atomic Habits a day.
  2. Read 20 pages of 40 Autumns a day.
  3. Listen to two healthy lifestyle podcasts.
  4. Follow along to Read the Bible in a Year for eight episodes.
  5. Exercise four days this week.
  6. Declutter for one hour.
  7. Spend one hour cleaning and decluttering the garage.
  8. Work on my Ancestry for two hours.
  9. Complete my bookkeeping for the blog.
  10. Make some single-serve freezer meals for myself.
  11. Start to create a family cookbook.

How are your goals going for 2021?

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