This post contains affiliate links.  This week I leaned in hard to tackle some of my large goals while my husband was still on break.  Also, I used part of this week to just organize myself so I can better accomplish my goals, but I’m not done with that yet.

I’ll start these posts with an update on what I accomplished and then what I plan to do for the upcoming week.  Here are my 2021 goals: week 1 of 52.

Read 26 Books

The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate

This week I finished The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate.  I learned about parts of history I previously had no knowledge of, but the story didn’t grip me the way Wingate’s other book, Before We Were Yours, did.

Complete Half the Bible in a Year Program

I completed three days of The Bible in a Year program, so I’m right on track for my goal.  I think this will be an easy goal to keep because I simply read along while Fr. Mike Schmitz reads the day’s Bible passage, and then he talks for a few minutes explaining the significance of the passage.

Complete and Utilize Two Trainings for My Blog

Didn’t work on this.

Track My WW Points

I decided to use WW Purple Plan this week, and yes, I tracked every day and stayed on track.

Exercise 5 Days a Week

Didn’t do this.

Lose Weight

Didn’t weigh myself yet.

Watch Videos & Listen to Podcasts on Emotional Eating

I listened to the podcast Real Weight Loss for Real Women, Episode 202: The Day in the Life of a Natural Eater.  Thanks to the reader who mentioned this podcast!!

Find and Eliminate Time Wasters

I started this week by tackling meal prep.  On Monday, I made two pans of Tuna Noodle Casserole instead of just the one we were eating for lunch.  The next day, I had to take our cat to the vet right around lunch time, so my husband pulled out the extra pan to feed the kids.  Then, another day, while I was making lunch, I also prepped everything I needed for dinner so the meal came together more quickly that night.

Research My Ancestry

Didn’t do anything.

Declutter the House

I spent three hours decluttering our paperwork/files.  But, the job isn’t done yet!!!  I think it will take me another hour or two to arrange the remaining paperwork and file it.

Complete Home Improvement Projects

Paiting our bathroom cabinets wasn’t on our list of home improvements, but when I looked at the enormity of painting our kitchen cabinets, which is on our home improvement list, I thought I should get practice by starting small.  So, over the last week, I painted our bathroom cabinets.

Kids’ bathroom cabinets BEFORE.

Maybe Teach Bookworm to Drive

Not yet.

Goals for This Week

This week, I have several goals:

  1. Finish setting up a new school schedule, chore schedule, snack schedule, and my morning schedule.
  2. Find an app to block social media from my computer during designated hours.
  3. Finish the bathroom cabinets and take an “after” picture.
  4. Start the kitchen cabinets & get at least the frames coated in four days so our kitchen is unusable for four days only.
  5. Listen to one healthy lifestyle podcast.
  6. Follow along to Read the Bible in a Year for four days.
  7. Exercise three days this week.
  8. Declutter for one hour.
  9. Work on my Ancestry for one hour.
  10. Read 75 pages in News of the World, which I’m reading for a book club I just joined.

How are your goals going for 2021?


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