Woah, this week was a rough start to the new week!  On Christmas Day, Cuddle Bug got a nasty cold that took her out for three days.  Then, each of our other children got it, then my mom, then my husband, and then me.  I was the last to fall, and I fell hardest.  I had a fever for two days and didn’t really start to feel myself until Day 4 (yesterday).  But, I’m on the mend now, and even with being sick, I did start to chip away at some of my goals.   Here are my 16 goals I want to accomplish 2020: Week 1 of 52.

My 16 Goals I Want to Accomplish in 2020: Week 1 of 52


Exercise At Least 3,900 Minutes This Year

I did one 9 minute workout at Faithful Workouts before the cold virus took me out.  

Track on WW Every Day

I tracked two days before the sickness took me out and then when I did feel like eating, all I wanted was orange juice and gluten free waffles.

I lost 3.5 pounds this week, so I’m almost 4% into my weight loss goal of losing 90 pounds before my 50th birthday in 15 months.

Learn Techniques to Handle, Recognize, and End Emotional Eating

No progress.


I have two goals with this.

Read a Passage of the Bible Daily

Just waiting for it to arrive.  I have bought a subscription to The Word Among Us, which has Daily Mass Readings and a Daily Bible Reflection.  I will read the Bible passage that corresponds to the Daily Bible Reflection and also read the Reflection and the Daily Mass Reading.  Caveat:  I just ordered The Word Among Us, so I likely won’t be able to start this goal until I receive the magazine, likely in 3 to 5 weeks.

Attend One Week Day Mass Weekly

I attended one week day Mass on January 1st.


Last year, I reached a point where I decided I need to grow my blog or shut it down completely.  I gave serious though to shutting it down completely, but I really love blogging, so I decided to try to grow it.  There are a number of things I need to do behind the scenes to make this happen

Have the Site Redesigned and Updated

This is in progress now.

Transfer My Email List

Over the years, I have lost access to my email list!  Yikes!  I’ve started a new one, but I’m starting from scratch.  If you were on my previous email list, will you please sign up again?

Update at Least 200 Posts for SEO

No progress.

Delete at Least 100 Irrelevant Posts

No progress.

Read 40 Books

Sickness is great for reading time.  I have completed 4 books so far in January, making this goal 10% complete.  Be sure to check out my historical fiction I want to read.  If you’re a fellow bookworm, follow me on Goodreads; I’d love to follow you.

Learn Japanese

Do Duolingo Every Day

I did Duolingo every day this week, putting me on a 59 day streak.

Complete Japanese from Zero Book One

No progress.  I discovered that the textbook Japanese from Zero Book One has a free online course supplement, so I’ll also be using that to help me make my way through Japanese from Zero.  I’m excited for this goal and a little intimidated that I won’t be able to accomplish it because I’ll be short on time.

Reduce Our Grocery Bill

My goal this year is to reduce our grocery bill to $10,000 or $833 a month.

All the sickness imposed a pantry challenge.  We only spent $57 on ourselves this week–$33 for 40 lbs. of organic apples that my husband picked up and $10 for four cartons of almond milk, a bunch of bananas, and $14 for 4 cartons of eggs and some clearance DF yogurt and tofu.  We also gave Bookworm $45 to buy his own groceries, so the total for the week was $102.

Speaking of which, do you like my weekly grocery haul posts, or would you just prefer to hear a tally once a month?

Gain Control of My Email

Another goal that benefited from sickness!

My Google email now 2.901 emails———–>down from 5,957 emails last week.  This email is 48% completely finished.

No progress on these other nightmare email accounts:

My Yahoo blog email has 93,155 emails.

My Yahoo spam email has 161,328 emails.

My Yahoo personal email has 58, 832 emails.


If all goes as planned, this year will be a big year for travel.

Take a Trip to Michigan

This year, we plan to take another trip to Michigan.  We’ll either go as a family vacation, or we’ll go to help my mom if she has her other hip replaced.  We’re starting to save money for the trip now, but we won’t have any definitive plans until we learn what my mom plans to do.

Take a Trip to Japan

My 14 Goals I Want to Accomplish in 2020
Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

We haven’t been to Japan since 2002 for a variety of reasons, but this year will be the year that we go.  The last time we were there, my husband’s nephew was 4 months old, and soon he’ll be 18!  We can’t wait to go and are tentatively planning a trip for May.

That’s it.  My 16 goals I want to accomplish in 2020: Week 1 of 52.  

What are your goals for the year?

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