My 12 Goals for 2016

My main goals for 2016 are to work on finances and myself.  I’ve been too busy with kids’ activities to work on myself much.  However, life should settle down soon, after Bookworm is done competing in The History Bee.   I look forward to making a lot of headway in these goals this summer.

Here’s how I did in May:

Exercise 4,160 minutes in 2016.
7.28% Complete.  In May, I exercised for 129 minutes.

In April, I exercised for 41 minutes.

In March, I didn’t exercise at all.

In February, I only exercised for 30 minutes!!!

I exercised 103 minutes in January.

Write in my journal 100 times this year.  2% Complete.  I did write once in May.

Save 10 to 15% of my husband’s income.  16.6% Complete.  I’m revamping the budget now that we have a budget system that works.  In May, we had medical expenses to the tune of several hundred dollars.  In April, we had unexpected house repairs, and in March we had travel expenses.

Stay within our budget all 12 months of the year.  25% Complete.  My income took a hit in April & May, so we weren’t able to do this.

Read 52 books this year, and blog about each of them.  34.6% Complete.  I was able to read and blog about 3 books in May:

I was able to read and blog about 3 books in April:

I was able to read and blog about 4 books in March:

I was able to read and blog about 4 books in February:

I was able to read and blog about 4 books in January:

I also joined Goodreads.  If you’re on there, I’d love to become friends.

Make 12 homemade gifts for Christmas.  0% Complete.  I am already planning what I want to start working on first when our obligations end.

Get organized!  33% Completed.

Not much happened in May, though I did sell some school books to reduce our homeschool clutter.

This month I worked on our budgeting system.  Yay!  Look for a post on that later this week.

In March, we decluttered more kids’ clothes.  I took three more bags to the resale shop, so now I have $52 in credit, which I’ll use for birthday and Christmas presents.

In February, we decluttered our bedroom and the kids’ closets.  I took five bags of items to the kids’ resale shop, and I packed up a box for a garage sale later in the year.  We also threw away alot.

In January, we worked on organizing the kids’ schedule for chores and school.  It’s worked wonderfully, which is great because right now we’re too busy to be unorganized!

Enter 200 giveaways.  12% Complete.  Woo hoo!  I’m on a roll so far.  NOT.  I have entered 24 giveaways so far, and I haven’t won any yet.  Whomp, whomp, whomp.  🙂

Get into a regular prayer routine.  10% Complete.  I am making definite progress with this.  I have mapped out a schedule of morning, afternoon (with the kids) and evenings prayers.  I haven’t hit the 100% mark with this yet because it’s still a new routine for us, but I’m making good progress (finally!)

Control my sugar consumption.  A never ending work in progress.

Go Paleo again.  30% Complete.  In May, especially the last half of May, I made huge strides and stayed Paleo, even when my kids had the gluten free fish sticks that I like.  🙂  I haven’t had chips for weeks.  It helps that one of my kids was feeling sick after eating most gluten free grains, so the two of us went Paleo together (though I’m still eating white potatoes–a Paleo gray area–and my child is eating white potatoes and rice.)

Visit Michigan.  COMPLETED!!  We went to Ohio and Michigan in March and had a great time, even if we had to drive in some wonky weather.  (More on that later.)  I can’t wait to share all of the fun things we did!

Do you set goals for the new year?  If so, what goals are you setting?


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