de6af65947574bd3a8b80002c92ff97fThus far, 2015 has been the Year of Murphy.  You know, that cycle you go through every once in awhile where endless, unexpected expenses keep cropping up?  Yep, that’s where we are in 2015.  Month after month of unexpected expenses.

First, there were the 18 medical and dental appointments.  In 2015 alone,

  • PB & J Girl had 8 cavities filled,
  • Bookworm had 3 cavities filled,
  • my husband had 3 cavities and a crown put on,
  • I had root planing and scaling, cauterization, a root canal and a filling filled (all on the same tooth!), and
  • Bookworm got phase 1 of his braces, which is a mouth expander.

The medical bills totaled roughly $3,500 out of pocket.

So, now that our teeth are all shiny and healthy, Murphy has set his sights on our 11 year old van with 152,000 miles on it.  (You can see why Murphy would set his sights here.  :))

But here’s the thing.  It’s a good thing Murphy’s in town because he saved us from breaking down on the side of the road!

A few weeks ago, I was on the highway when the engine light came on.  I took it to our repair shop, but they couldn’t see any obvious problems.  They reset the light and sent me on my way with instructions to come back if the light came back on.

It did, about 10 days later.

Of course, this was the day before my mom was supposed to fly into town.

Our car stayed in the shop for two days, and we had to rent a car so we could drive to Phoenix to pick up my mom and so my husband could go to work.

$117 car rental?  Check!

The repair shop thought the problem might be the timing belt.  When they got in there, they ultimately discovered that the water cooler tank had a crack in it.  The repairman said it would have been just a matter of time until we would have been stuck on the side of the road in an overheated vehicle.  Praise God that that didn’t happen, especially as the temps are warming up here.

In the end, we replaced the water cooler tank, changed the timing belt, replaced the faulty sensor (that was causing the check engine light to go on), and replaced all four tires as they had advised us to do four or five months ago.

$1,600 repair bill?  Check!

The good news is that between selling some extra curriculum around the house and raiding the last of our emergency fund, we didn’t have to go into debt for this repair.

The bad news is that I had to buy a new mouthguard because I clench my teeth at night.  Our insurance doesn’t pay anything on mouth guards, so I’ll owe $600 next week for it.

I should be able to sell some more curriculum and use some of my freelance money to pay for the mouth guard in cash.

After that, we are completely tapped out.  The emergency fund is gone, the curriculum is sold, there is nothing left.

Murphy, thank you for the faulty sensor that helped us discover the water cooler tank crack, but now it’s more than time for you to go home!

Can you commiserate?  Is Murphy an unwelcome visitor in your home, too?

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