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Food and fitness are high in importance on Brits’ agendas according to research. MYJAR’s infographic shows exactly how much we spend a week on fresh food, as well as how much goes on takeaways and indulgent treats like cakes, buns and biscuits.  (In America, the average spending is about 40% on take out and 60% on groceries per month.)

Since people spend an average of £100 a month on takeaways alone as well as almost £5 a week on sweets, it isn’t hard to see how your monthly wages disappear on things you could have easily prepared at home.

Ironically, we spend over £400 a year on trying to get fit.  The infographic details the split between gym memberships, equipment and clothing that goes along with trying to stay healthy.

Saving money

With so much money leaving our accounts and often not having a budget in place, we may struggle to reach payday without any left in the account for the unforeseen emergency. If you do find yourself struggling at the end of the month, always choose a reliable provider like MYJAR who aim to protect the borrower’s interest by making loan costs clear, simple and transparent – At MYJAR, the small print is in big print.

Creating a food budget and sticking with it can help us save money as well as make sure we’re getting our five a day, keeping us healthy and happy.

Perhaps if we cooked more at home we wouldn’t have to splash out as much on fancy gym equipment?

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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