So, Thursday is the big day.  That’s the day the moving truck pulls up, takes our drastically pared down belongings, and moves them to Arizona.

That means, right now, our house looks like this


and this


and this


Things are crazy around here, to say the least.

I’m also busy baking and cooking so we’ll have some food to take on the road with us.  Today I made yummy banana muffins and chocolate zucchini muffins.


A Few Hitches in Our Moving Plan

As has been the case with this entire move, we’ve hit some stumbling blocks.

The scariest one is that my husband, who is not a U.S. citizen, has a green card that has expired.  He’s had his green card for 10 years; it expired this May.  He did all the paperwork to renew it in January, but the Department of Homeland Security is backed up.  If he doesn’t get it by Tuesday (when they said he would get it), he won’t be able to start his new job.  He’ll have to wait until the green card comes.

Honestly, I could drive myself crazy thinking of all the what if scenarios here, but I’m trying my best to stay calm and saying lots of prayers that the green card does indeed come by Tuesday.

Second, we bid on a house, but someone else put in a higher offer.  We didn’t want to raise our offer and get in a bidding war, so we walked away.

I still don’t know if we’ll buy or rent.  For some reason, the houses in the area where we want to live are flying off the market.  Now, the only ones that are still available are ones that have a kitchen that is much too small or one that our realtor said smells like dog and had the carpet ripped up.  Not exactly the houses that we want.

I Might Be Missing In Action

I know the last few weeks my blogging has been sporadic at best.  That is all thanks to this move.  So, this week might be another sporadic posting week.  It just depends on how are 27 hour, 1,750 mile move with three kids goes.  Wish us luck!

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