I have three months left for my leave of absence. It is time to check in and see how I am doing on the goals I have set for myself to achieve by the end of August.

Only use up 50% of our savings while on leave. We are just now having to dip into savings, so I can’t monitor this one yet.

Get grocery bill down to at least $300/month. Last month I spent $350 on groceries, so I didn’t achieve this yet. I have budgeted in $280 for groceries this month, which I have already spent, so I am not sure this one will happen this month.

Create a list of 50-90 meals we enjoy and organize the recipes for them. I have a stack of the recipes and a binder that I bought for them. Now I need to organize them. This goal is about 30% completed.

Grow my eBay business, Lake Michigan Treasures to 2700-2800 items. I started the month at 2500 items; I am now at 2560, so I have completed 30% of my goal to have at least 2700 items.

Declutter the house!! I cleaned and decluttered the kitchen, bathroom and kids’ room. The dining room/living room is next.

Sell $300 to $500 worth of household items on eBay that we no longer use. Thus far I have sold $146, so I am almost 50% of the way to this goal.

Lose 25 to 30 pounds. I have lost four pounds. I am, therefore, 16% of the way to completing this goal.

Get a dishwasher. Done.

Get a full night’s sleep. Getting closer to this one. A few nights a week we get to sleep from 10 pm to 4 am. The baby is 6 months old, so hopefully it will continue to get better.

If I can accomplish these goals before August, it should help our lives run more smoothly when I am back at work. I tend to blow money more easily when working because I don’t have time and I am stressed. If I can keep that impulse under control with careful planning now, hopefully I can fulfill my goal of being a stay at home mom in 2010.

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