The baby is due in one short week, so now seemed like a good time to focus on our goals in order for me to be able to become a stay at home mom. Overall, we have accomplished quite a bit since last fall when we set these goals:

Save 5 months’ of living expenses. Thanks to a larger than expected tax refund, this goal is now 100% complete!

Have 2 no spending months. This has not happened yet, but it may happen naturally after the baby is born because I will not be able to drive for a few weeks.

Pay off 50% of my business debt. I put all of my store items on sale for three of the four weeks before the baby was born and sold quite a bit. I have now paid off 14% of my business debt. Once things settle down after the baby is a month or two old, I will try to focus on this one again.

Sell at least $500 worth of extra household items on eBay. In March I sold much of my son’s summer wardrobe from last year and made $122 (in addition to the $531 I sold in September – December) so I have sold a total of $653, making this goal 100% complete.

I think it is time to set some new goals to get us through the summer when we will have very limited income.

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