I have one month left for my leave of absence. It is time to check in and see how I am doing on the goals I have set for myself to achieve by the end of August.

Only use up 50% of our savings while on leave. We have reached this goal, which isn’t a good thing! So far we have spent 51% of our savings, and we still have a vacation to take and 3 more weeks without a paycheck. I am guessing that we will spend 75% of our savings. I do not want to spend more than that. In our defense, we had some unexpected expenses this month. Our windshield cracked and the crack just kept snaking across the windshield, so we had to get it repaired. That was $475 dollars. My son also decided to take a dance class, so the class, pants and shoes were $115. Also, I needed two new pairs of shoes for work, so that was $100, and my son needed an eye exam to enter kindergarten in the fall and that was $45.

Get grocery bill down to at least $300/month. I am still spending roughly $350 for groceries. This continues to be a challenge, but we are VERY stocked up now, so hopefully it will be attainable in August.

Create a list of 50-90 meals we enjoy and organize the recipes for them. I have 70 recipes in a binder, organized by category with an index, so technically this goal is complete. However, I want to aim for 90 instead of 50, so I will mark this goal 78% completed.

Grow my eBay business to 2700-2800 items. Well, sadly, it is time to face the reality that this is just not going to happen. I did get up to 2609 items early this month, but then I started selling quite a bit, which is a good thing—yeah for back to school sales! Also, they have changed some procedures at work during the 10 months I have been gone, so I have been spending several of my evenings updating my files for work. It is a big job, but hopefully it will save me time when I am actually back to work. This means, though, that I don’t have as much time to list on eBay. I am going to change this goal to 2600 items listed by next month.

Declutter the house!! I cleaned and decluttered the kitchen, bathroom and kids’ room. The dining room/living room is next. (I expect the dining room to be done by the end of the week. I will post pictures when done.) I also cleaned out my side of our bedroom closet. I am just waiting for my husband to clean his side, and then I will post pictures of that.

Sell $300 to $500 worth of household items on eBay that we no longer use. This has really fallen by the wayside. I haven’t listed anything new this month, and I only sold one of the 3 items I had listed (for $7.) Thus far I have sold $173, so I am 57% of the way to this goal.

Lose 25 to 30 pounds. This is another goal that got pushed aside as I got busier. I am changing the goal to 10 pounds lost by the end of August. I have a weight loss ticker on my side bar to monitor my progress.

Get a dishwasher. Done.

Get a full night’s sleep. Every month we are getting closer to this one. Several nights a week she sleeps from 7 pm to 4 am. Yesterday she slept from 7 p.m to 5 a.m. Woo-hoo. She is almost 9 months old, so it should hopefully continue to improve.

Have 15 to 30 meals made & in the freezer. I worked hard on this one in July. I now have 20 meals in the freezer, so this goal is technically complete, but I want to have 30 meals, so I will call this goal 66% complete. I will write a post about this when I have all the meals made.

I am hoping to complete these goals before I return to work in a little more than 4 short weeks! See my post here about how else I am planning for my return back to work.

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