We have finally recovered from our month of Murphy and are once again making traction on our goals.  Here is how we did:

 Save 8 months of living expenses We saved another .58 of a month.  We are now at 4.5 months’ living expenses. We will need to come up with a plan in January, once my income is no longer coming in, as to how we will live on my husband’s small graduate assistantship without dipping into the savings we are building now.  In a separate account I have set aside $815 for January’s expenses.

 Write a budget and stick to it.  We are on track for the budget this month, although the next 13 days are LEAN.

Strategically use coupons to pay no more than $300 a month on groceriesHad a pantry challenge in November and saved $200 from our grocery bill; I still need to work on strategically using coupons. I am averaging about $400 a month right now.

Have two no spending months.  I recently read how the author of The Saved Quarter has a no spending WEEK instead of a month.  I think that is much more manageable.  We will be implementing a no spending week this month.  (I’ll blog about it.)

 Spend less than $200 on Christmas giftsWe are on our way to achieving this.  See my posts on having a debt free Christmas here.

 Have a pantry challenge for one month.  We had a pantry challenge November 10th through 30th and saved.  Read about it here. 

Earn $1000 from selling items from the Declutter Challenge on eBay. 
Thus far I have cleared out 746 items from our house, and from the ones I have sold on eBay, I have earned $411.55, not deducting eBay fees.  I am done listing now for awhile as it is no longer really the kids’ clothes season.  I will begin to list my kids’ clothes again in February.

 Save all of our change every month and put in a new car fund.  We added another $25.08 to the fund, so now we have a grand total of $89.68.

 Research places I can potentially publish articles and try to get some published.  I am still working on finding other places.  I have made some money from one online writing company .  I have been accepted to one online writing company, but I am trying to find other places that may pay better.

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